09 Dec 2019

Moscow Cops Sell Access to City CCTV, Facial Recognition Data

The investigative news outlet MBKh Media has found that access to Moscow’s surveillance technology is being sold on dark web forums and chatrooms. The surveillance access available contains video footage from tens of thousands of cameras and the ability to check footage from the previous several days. Other services for

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25 Nov 2019

Secret documents reveal how China mass detention camps work

A collection of recently leaked highly classified Chinese government documents referred to as the China cables sheds light on what goes on inside Chinese mass detention camps for Uighurs and other mostly Muslim minorities. While the Chinese government claims that people receive voluntary job training at the facilities, the China

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08 Nov 2019

Charges: Chinese Surveillance Goods Illegally Sold to US

The US Department of Justice (DoJ) accuses US company Aventura Technologies of lying about the origin of millions of dollars in Chinese surveillance and other security equipment sold by the firm to the US military and other organizations. Prosecutors claim that the equipment that was sold “as purportedly US-made has

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07 Nov 2019

Your Social Media Is (Probably) Being Watched Right Now, Says New Surveillance Report

A new report[pdf] by Freedom House indicates that the social media accounts of 89% of all Internet users around the globe are actively being monitored by their country’s government. This comes down to about 3 billion people in China and at least 39 other countries that “have instituted advanced social

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24 Oct 2019

Bedside Hotel Robot Hacked to Stream In-Room Video

Earlier this year, a security researcher discovered a security flaw in bedside robots used by a Japanese hotel chain that could allow threat actors to remotely spy on hotel guests in their room. Threat actors staying in one of the Japanese hotels could exploit a zero-day flaw in the Tapia

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10 Oct 2019

Moroccan Activist Says NSO’s Elite Spy Tools Hacked His iPhone

A new report by Amnesty International accuses Israeli spyware vendor NSO Group of providing the Moroccan government with cyber espionage tools that were used to target a freedom of expression activist and a human rights lawyer in the country. The targets both received text messages containing malicious links that would

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08 Oct 2019

China’s New Cybersecurity Program: NO Place to Hide

The Chinese government is working to make it possible for China’s Ministry of Security to obtain access to virtually all data that is transmitted across networks within the country’s borders or stored on Chinese servers. This aim is part of a national cybersecurity law adopted by Beijing in 2016. According

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08 Oct 2019

US blacklists 8 Chinese tech companies over human rights issues

The US Commerce Department has added 8 Chinese firms and 20 Chinese government agencies to its list of foreign entities that are considered a security risk, which means that US firms aren’t allowed to do business with those entities. The US “entity list” is the result of an executive order

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01 Oct 2019

China’s new 500-megapixel ‘super camera’ can instantly recognize you in a crowd

China is bound to intensify its already staggering facial recognition efforts now that researchers from two Chinese universities have developed a 500 megapixel facial recognition camera that can capture “thousands of faces at a stadium in perfect detail and generate their facial data for the cloud while locating a particular

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18 Sep 2019

US Justice Department Sues Snowden Over New Book

The US Department of Justice (DOJ) is suing former CIA and NSA contractor Edward Snowden over his new book, Permanent Record, because Snowden allegedly violated non-disclose agreements he signed with the two intelligence agencies that employed him in the past. The DOJ aims to ensure that Snowden will not earn

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