11 Feb 2021

Android spyware strains linked to state-sponsored Confucius threat group

On Tuesday, cybersecurity firm Lookout reported that they had uncovered evidence linking two malware strains recently targeting Android devices to Confucius, a pro-India state-sponsored hacking group. The two strains, called Hornbill and SunBird, are both forms of Android spyware seemingly focused on compromising the Whatapp messaging platform and stealing the

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09 Feb 2021

Iranian Cyber Groups Spying on Dissidents & Others of Interest to Government

Two cyber threat groups have been identified and determined to be working for the Iranian government. One of the groups is called Infy and has been operating since at least 2007. Infy has been accused of perpetrating attacks against Persian language media, diplomatic targets, and Iranian dissidents in multiple countries

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28 Dec 2020

China’s new data privacy law ‘will state how facial recognition can be used’

According to the Legislative Affairs Commission of China, the country’s new law on data privacy will include provisions to protect personal biometric information, despite the high state of surveillance. The law aims to confront growing concerns over the government’s prolific use of facial recognition technology and biometric data. The law,

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11 Dec 2020

Intel, Nvidia Face Questions from Lawmakers on Sale of Supercomputing Chips to China

Nvidia and Intel both manufacture and sell advanced computer chips and are now facing heat from lawmakers on their usage by the Chinese government and security forces. The chips are reportedly being used to power a supercomputer that allows China to host and conduct its mass surveillance system. The system

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09 Dec 2020

Huawei Tested Facial Recognition System That Identifies Uighurs, Report Claims

According to Pennsylvania-based research group IPVM, Chinese tech giant Huawei tested a facial recognition system that aims to specifically identify Uighur Muslims, an ethnic minority group that has been surveilled and oppressed by China. According to documents uncovered by IPVM, the system was built using Huawei cloud infrastructure and tools

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11 Nov 2020

EU Agrees on Tighter Rules for Surveillance Tech Exports

On Monday, the European Union agreed to implement stricter regulations on the sale and export of cyber-surveillance technology. EU lawmakers reached a deal on new restrictions for dual-use goods like facial recognition technology, biometric data tech, and spyware to prevent spreading them to areas in which they may be used

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04 Nov 2020

Police launch pilot program to tap resident Ring camera live streams

A new pilot program will take place in Jackson, Mississippi, and allow law enforcement to utilize private surveillance devices as part of criminal investigations. The program’s trial will last 45 days and uses technology provided by IT consultancy firm Pileum and cloud-based video sensor producer Fusus. Up to five city-owned

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15 Oct 2020

Border Patrol Spent $2 Million On Google Maps For A Massive Surveillance Tool

The US Customs and Border Protection agency has reportedly spent at least $2 million over the past three years on Google mapping software that supports the Automated Targeting System (ATS). ATS is a technology that creates a profile for every person who enters the US and determines the risk they

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14 Oct 2020

Governments are using the pandemic to crack down on digital rights, report finds

A new report published by Freedom House concedes that an assessment of 65 countries lead them to conclude that some governments are using the COVID-19 pandemic to introduce new digital surveillance and data collection tools that hinder citizens’ rights. The report, titled Freedom on the Net 2020, found that the

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07 Oct 2020

Post-Brexit Digital Economy at Risk After EU Court Ruling

In the UK, the digital economy is at high risk following a European Union court ruling stating that bulk collection or retention regimes in the UK, France, and Belgium must be brought within EU law. This will either force the UK to modify its mass surveillance regime or face consequences

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