10 Oct 2019

Moroccan Activist Says NSO’s Elite Spy Tools Hacked His iPhone

A new report by Amnesty International accuses Israeli spyware vendor NSO Group of providing the Moroccan government with cyber espionage tools that were used to target a freedom of expression activist and a human rights lawyer in the country. The targets both received text messages containing malicious links that would

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08 Oct 2019

China’s New Cybersecurity Program: NO Place to Hide

The Chinese government is working to make it possible for China’s Ministry of Security to obtain access to virtually all data that is transmitted across networks within the country’s borders or stored on Chinese servers. This aim is part of a national cybersecurity law adopted by Beijing in 2016. According

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08 Oct 2019

US blacklists 8 Chinese tech companies over human rights issues

The US Commerce Department has added 8 Chinese firms and 20 Chinese government agencies to its list of foreign entities that are considered a security risk, which means that US firms aren’t allowed to do business with those entities. The US “entity list” is the result of an executive order

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01 Oct 2019

China’s new 500-megapixel ‘super camera’ can instantly recognize you in a crowd

China is bound to intensify its already staggering facial recognition efforts now that researchers from two Chinese universities have developed a 500 megapixel facial recognition camera that can capture “thousands of faces at a stadium in perfect detail and generate their facial data for the cloud while locating a particular

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18 Sep 2019

US Justice Department Sues Snowden Over New Book

The US Department of Justice (DOJ) is suing former CIA and NSA contractor Edward Snowden over his new book, Permanent Record, because Snowden allegedly violated non-disclose agreements he signed with the two intelligence agencies that employed him in the past. The DOJ aims to ensure that Snowden will not earn

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02 Sep 2019

Some of Russia’s surveillance tech leaked data for more than a year

Government mandated hardware wiretaps installed on the networks of Russian Internet service providers (ISPs) have been leaking sensitive user information including GPS coordinates and device-identifying MAC addresses, a Russian security researcher discovered last year. The wiretaps, called System for Operative Investigative Activities (SORM) devices, are designed to provide Russian authorities

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22 Aug 2019

Companies Act to Defend Privacy of Kazakhstanis

Google and Mozilla this week took steps to undermine the efforts of the Kazakhstan government to intercept all HTTPS traffic within its borders. Kazakhstan started the practice last month. A report by Censored Planet found evidence that the government was ordering local Internet providers to enforce the installation of a

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19 Aug 2019

Trump Administration Moves To Reauthorize NSA’s Controversial Spying Program

Privacy advocates are sounding the alarm over a move by the Trump administration to reauthorize a highly controversial National Security Agency (NSA) program for collecting domestic calls and text messages. The program was established in 2001 under the Patriot Act to collect metadata on electric communications that could in theory

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13 Aug 2019

FBI proposal outlines plans for large scale collection of social media data

A new report by the Wall Street Journal indicates that plans by the US Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) to increase its monitoring of social media platforms in order to better anticipate and detect threats, may conflict with the privacy policies of Facebook and “possibly its attempts to comply with

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02 Aug 2019

Microsoft Slammed For Investment In Israeli Facial Recognition ‘Spying On Palestinians’

Privacy advocates are accusing Microsoft of investing in surveillance technology that is used to spy on people whose human rights are being trampled upon by authorities. In particular, activists criticize the tech giant’s funding of AnyVision, an Israeli facial recognition firm that provides technology used to carry out surveillance on

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