11 Jan 2023

Philippine top court voids old South China Sea energy deal

The Supreme Court in the Philippines on Tuesday stated the country’s 2005 energy exploration agreement with Chinese and Vietnamese firms was illegal. The court declared in the ruling that the constitution does not allow foreign entities to exploit natural resources in the Philippines. The agreement had expired in 2008, but

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05 Jan 2023

India Supreme Court stays order on mass evictions

India’s highest court has given temporary relief to thousands of people who were going to be evicted from their homes in Uttarakhand state. The court ruled that a workable solution must be found for the forced evictions. The government officials have alleged that the people facing eviction live on lands

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28 Oct 2021

India’s Supreme Court Orders Pegasus Probe

India’s Supreme Court has opened an investigation into the Pegasus spyware and whether Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s administration used the software to illegally snoop on opposition leaders, journalists, activists, tycoons, and judges. Modi has been accused of treason by the main opposition Congress party after several of the cell phone

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07 Jun 2021

Supreme Court Limits Scope of Controversial Hacking Law

The Supreme Court has ruled that a police officer in Georgia who received money for obtaining data from a law-enforcement database for an associate did not violate a controversial federal hacking law. This may mark a victory for the ethical hacking community as it sets a limiting precedent to the

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28 Jan 2021

Top Pakistan Court Acquits Man Convicted of Killing WSJ Reporter Daniel Pearl

On Thursday, the Pakistani Supreme Court dismissed all charges against Omar Sheikh, a British citizen who has spent more than 18 years behind bars in Pakistan for the kidnapping and killing of Wall Street Journal reporter Daniel Pearl in 2002. Shiekh will be released from jail immediately, however, Pakistani authorities

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12 Jan 2020

India ordered to review suspension of internet services in Kashmir

The Indian government is under scrutiny by its Supreme Court and has been ordered to undergo a review of its suspension of internet services in the regions of Jammu and Kashmir. The court concluded that the indefinite shutdown of services including the internet, mobile phone, and landline within the union

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26 Jun 2018

Supreme Court: Warrant required for phone location data access

In a victory for privacy advocates, the U.S. Supreme Court ruled on Friday that law enforcement officials must obtain a warrant in order to access phone location data and use it as evidence in court. This reverses an earlier Court of Appeals ruling that phone data is not protected under

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