10 May 2019

Is There An Emerging Global Food Industry Resiliency Crisis?

It is a truism that every society is only a few meals away from revolution, proven not for the first time when high food prices initiated the Arab Spring, and yet food security is a woefully neglected national security concern. America lacks a national food policy, even though we are headed towards a crisis.

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01 Oct 2018

Is ISIS buying valuable military equipment in Western Europe?

Studies have uncovered that several individuals used front organizations to purchase drones and equipment in Western Europe for shipment to ISIS. In one instance, two Bangladeshi brothers used their business activities in the UK, Bangladesh, Spain, Australia, the US, and Denmark to supply IT services and drones to ISIS. Elsewhere,

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24 Aug 2018

US spies warn of increase in supply chain vulnerabilities

U.S. intelligence officials have warned of increased attempts by hackers to exploit supply chain vulnerabilities. “Hackers are infecting a wide range of users through official software distribution channels…users do not expect malicious code to be introduced by updated from trusted software vendors,” said one intel community CIO. A recent report

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20 Jun 2018

Securing the Federal Cybersecurity Supply Chain

A new bipartisan bill would require federal agencies to conduct more extensive and thorough background checks on contractors’ and suppliers’ cyber security supply chains. The current system is described as “extremely complex,” but “ill-equipped” to deal with twice and three-times removed security risks like those in the recent Kaspersky and

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