30 May 2022

AMD-Powered Frontier Supercomputer Breaks the Exascale Barrier, Now Fastest in the World

The AMD-powered Frontier supercomputer is now the first officially recognized exascale supercomputer in the world, topping 1.102 ExaFlop/s during a sustained Linpack run. That ranks first on the newly-released Top500 list of the world’s fastest supercomputers as the number of AMD-powered systems on the list has expanded significantly this year.

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25 Jan 2022

Meta Unveils New AI Supercomputer

Meta Platforms Inc. said Monday that its research team built a new artificial intelligence supercomputer that the company maintains will soon be the fastest in the world. The supercomputer, the AI Research SuperCluster, was the result of nearly two years of work, often conducted remotely during the height of the pandemic,

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06 Oct 2021

America’s First Exascale Supercomputer Is ‘On Track’ for 2021 Deployment

After years of preparation, the US’s first exascale supercomputer will be in function in the near future. The device is currently being installed at the Oak Ridge National Laboratory, according to the lab. Exascale systems will be essential to the next generation of high-performance supercomputing and are capable of operating

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04 Jan 2021

Army Research Lab Announces Acquisition of Two New Supercomputers

The Defense Department has added two new supercomputers to its arsenal, announcing the acquisition earlier this week. The computers will seek to establish a cumulative capability of more than 23 petaflops of performance. The agency believes that the supercomputers will enter production service at some point in mid-2021. The supercomputers

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18 Nov 2020

COVID-19 High Performance Computing Consortium Shifts Focus to Patient Outcomes

The COVID-19 High-Performance Computing Consortium was created at the beginning of the pandemic, aiming to allow researchers to access supercomputers to assist them in studies of the infectious virus. The group has announced that it will be moving into the next chapter after eight months of operation, during which it

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12 Mar 2020

Researchers at Oak Ridge National Lab Tap into Supercomputing to Help Combat Coronavirus

Researchers have been rushing to release new scientific breakthroughs that are effective in combatting the COVID-19 outbreak. The US Energy Department’s Summit supercomputer has been playing a significant role in these developments. Recently, Oak Ridge National Laboratory, where Summit is located, granted researchers emergency computation time to assess a database

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29 Jul 2019

China making ‘quite significant’ strides in supercomputing: Lowy Institute

A new report by the Lowy Institute ranks the military cyber capabilities of various countries, with a special focus on the Asia Pacific region. The index takes into account “the ability of countries to both defend against and commit acts of cyber espionage and attacks,” lead researcher Hervé Lemahieu stated.

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19 Mar 2019

Racing Against China, U.S. Reveals Details of $500 Million Supercomputer

The US Energy Department on Monday revealed that it is building a supercomputer worth $500 million. The machine, dubbed Aurora, should be the first American computer capable of performing more than a quintillion calculations per second and will enable the US to stay ahead of China in the technology race

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11 Jun 2018

America’s Most Powerful Supercomputer Unveiled by Energy Department

The Department of Energy’s new supercomputer is now the fastest supercomputer in the country, and possibly the entire world. In one hour, the computer can solve a problem that would take the typical PC 30 years to complete. Taking over 5 years and 280 million USD to build, the computer

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