17 Apr 2019

Washington will not remove Sudan from terror list while military rules: U.S. official

Now that Omar al-Bashir, the dictator who ruled Sudan for 30 years, has been ousted by the Sudanese military, the United States is not planning to remove the country from its list of terrorism sponsors. According to a US official, such a move will not be considered until “there is

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15 Apr 2019

Sudan ousted two autocrats in three days. Here’s what’s next.

Last Thursday, the Sudanese military ousted President Omar al-Bashir, the dictator who ruled the country for 30 years. The coup followed months of protests against Bashir’s regime. Sudan’s defense minister Gen. Awad Ibn Auf who announced the coup, stepped down on Friday as protesters continued to call for democratic elections.

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12 Apr 2019

Sudan’s longtime leader was ousted in a military coup. Protesters still want democracy.

After months of protests against the regime of Sudanese President Omar al-Bashir, Sudan’s defense minister Gen. Awad Ibn Auf on Thursday stated that the dictator who ruled the country for 30 years had been arrested, his regime overthrown and the constitution suspended. Ibn Auf stated that the Sudanese military will

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13 Feb 2019

New BBC investigation examines Sudan’s secret hit squads targeting politial dissidents

Did you see the groundbreaking BBC OSINT investigation this past summer on an earlier atrocity in Cameroon? The same research group has just released a new investigation on Sudan’s secret hit squads used by the government security forces to violently repress protests and arrest specific dissidents for detention and torture. Many

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07 Feb 2019

Freedom House World Report: Where did Freedom Decline and Advance in 2018?

In total, 68 countries lost points in their democracy score in 2018, according to the annual Freedom House report. These outnumbered the 50 countries that achieved net gains. In total, 86 (44%) out of a total 195 countries received a “Free” rating, while 59 (30%) were rated “Partly Free,” and

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24 Jan 2019

As more Africans reach for the web, more leaders reach for ‘off’ switch

Even as connectivity increases, governments across Africa, and especially its autocratic leaders, have increasingly used control over the internet as a tool of repression, often with the claim to be combatting fake news or violent protests. These internet shutdowns, however, have costs that reach beyond politics. In 2018, 21 full

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11 Jan 2019

Sudan’s Bashir Vows to Stay in Power as Protests Rage

Sudan’s President Omar al-Bashir has ruled the country since gaining power through a military coup in 1989 when he, an army Brigadier General, joined forces with Islamist factions. His rule has been characterized by significant military expenditures, widespread poverty, and violent repressions and wars, leading to the ICC to issue

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09 Nov 2018

Seeking counter-terrorism partnership, Trump dangles removing Sudan from state sponsor of terror list

In exchange for Sudan’s cessation of internal hostilities, expanded humanitarian access, improved human rights, cooperation with North Korea sanctions, and cooperation with counterterrorism efforts, the U.S. is offering to remove its official state sponsor of terrorism designation from Sudan. Normalization of ties with Sudan began under the Obama administration and

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