20 Sep 2021

French ambassador to the US says they ‘absolutely weren’t informed’ of submarine deal

France’s ambassador to the US Phillippe Etienne stated in an interview on Monday that the breakdown of the French-Australian submarine deal came as a surprise to the country. Mr. Etienne stated that French Cabinet ministers were not given an indication that the agreement would be canceled even when representatives met

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16 Sep 2021

Biden and UK to help Australia acquire nuclear-powered submarines in new pushback on China

On Wednesday, US President Joe Biden announced a new effort with the UK and Australia that aims to help the latter nation acquire nuclear-powered submarines. The operation looks to counter China and build international backing for the US in its approach to Beijing. The announcement was released as part of

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04 Feb 2019

Chinese scientists make progress on nuclear submarine communication

In their early days, submarines were isolated from centralized command centers. Communications capabilities connecting them to command-and-control systems have made consistent improvements and, most recently, China has used inductive coupling and underwater acoustic communication technologies to boost real-time high-capacity data sharing between deep ocean transponders and satellite systems. One scientist

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21 Dec 2018

China Conducts First Test of New JL-3 Submarine-Launched Ballistic Missile

“On November 24, the Chinese People’s Liberation Army-Navy conducted the first known flight-test of the JL-3 solid-fuel, submarine-launched ballistic missile (SLBM), U.S. government sources with knowledge of the test confirmed to The Diplomat. Chinese authorities have not publicly confirmed the test. The JL-3, along with the Type 096, will mark

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21 Nov 2018

China Has More Nuclear Subs Than the West Believed

“Western observers have likely underestimated the number of Chinese nuclear submarines in development, but overestimated how many are operational, a new analysis suggests. In particular, only half of China’s nuclear-armed SSBNs appear to be in operation. Photos of the Bohai Shipyard and the Longpo Naval Facility produced by Planet Labs suggest

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31 Oct 2018

With Russia in its crosshairs, Canada moves to buy sub hunters

While the U.S. launches naval exercises with carriers above the arctic circle for the first time since the Cold War, Canada is reflecting growing threats in their decision to purchase submarine hunting frigates. According to a Lockheed Martin Canada VP, this purchase is part of a larger industry movement toward

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