23 Apr 2021

US joins race to find stricken Indonesia submarine

The US military has sent airborne assistance to help search for a missing Indonesian submarine with 53 crew members on board. Indonesian authorities have estimated that there are just hours left to find the submarine before oxygen runs out. The vessel, the KRI Nanggala 402, disappeared on Wednesday during exercises

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22 Apr 2021

Indonesian Submarine With 53 On Board Goes Missing Off Bali

An Indonesian navy submarine with 53 people on board has allegedly gone missing off the coast of Bali and may have lost control, according to the Indonesian navy. A search and rescue attempt is underway as the country attempts to rescue its military personnel. The vessel is a German-built model,

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24 Sep 2019

Satellite images suggest North Korea working to hide launch of missile submarine

According to a new CNN report, recent commercial satellite images show that North Korea has been covertly preparing the launch of a submarine capable of firing missiles. The preparations have been taking place at a shipyard along the country’s central coast off the Sea of Japan. Jeffrey Lewis of the

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