22 Nov 2021

Cryptocurrency leaders see exponential growth; banks embrace crypto as an asset class

Digital asset skeptics take note: Not only is cryptocurrency here to stay, but 90% of the global population is predicted to adopt it over the next decade, says one of the world’s leading crypto infrastructure developers. The current estimate of global cryptocurrency users is about 4%, or 300 million people. “This is

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17 Nov 2021

Artificial intelligence: Everyone wants it, but not everyone is ready

Artificial intelligence technologies have reached impressive levels of adoption, and are seen as a competitive differentiator. But there comes a point when technology becomes so ubiquitous that it is no longer a competitive differentiator — think of the cloud. Going forward, those organizations succeeding with AI, then, will be those

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11 Nov 2021

Artificial intelligence learns to talk back

A long-term fallout of the Covid crisis has been the rise of the contactless enterprise, in which customers, and likely employees, interact with systems to get what they need or request. This means a pronounced role for artificial intelligence and machine learning, or conversational AI, which add the intelligence needed

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22 Jan 2021

Studies of South African Coronavirus Strain Raise Concerns About Immune Response

Three new studies have raised concerns over the immune response triggered by the new strain of Covid-19 originating in South Africa. The studies found that the vaccine may be less effective at protecting against the new and more transmissible strain. The findings are a result of experiments done in laboratory

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21 Jan 2020

What Do You Think About Artificial Intelligence? The Pentagon’s AI Center Wants to Know.

Officials from the Pentagon’s nascent center devoted to artificial intelligence research stated that they will be funding a study on what people’s perceptions of developing technology is. The center stated that they’ll be particularly interested in the opinions of members of the software engineering, defense, and aerospace communities. A proposed

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