12 May 2022

CISA Granted Subpoena Power as Cyber Incident Reporting Bill Signed into Law

There are so many important headlines we do not want to get lost ‘below the fold’ for our membership, and this update is one of those headlines. On March 2nd, the Senate unanimously passed the Strengthening American Cybersecurity Act. A vital piece of the consolidated legislation was a cyber incident reporting bill. On March 11th, lawmakers approved the bill as part of a sweeping $1.5 trillion government funding deal. The House passed the legislation earlier in the week. On March 15th, all these efforts came to fruition as President Biden signed the cyber incident reporting bill into law.

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02 Mar 2022

Cyber Incident Reporting Rule for Critical Infrastructure Approved by U.S. Senate

Hours before the State of the Union address, the Senate unanimously passed the Strengthening American Cybersecurity Act,  which is actually various bills that have now been made into one piece of legislation. Months ago, the measures had previously been removed from the annual defense policy bill.

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