19 Mar 2021

Experts Explore the Need for a National Technology Strategy

Experts in Congress are considering the need for a solidified National Technology Strategy due to concerns over US competition with China within the technology industry. Sen. Mark Warner recently led a bipartisan group of lawmakers in introducing a bill that would effectively establish a State Department Office to work solely

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21 May 2020

HHS Proposes ‘IT Control Tower’ to Manage Strategic National Stockpile

The Health and Human Services Department issued a request for information seeking answers on how to create an overarching IT infrastructure that will coordinate, manage, and analyze supplied across sectors. The solicitation also highlights the agency’s plan to redesign the strategy driving the Strategic National Stockpile, aiming to ensure that

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13 Sep 2018

Air Force chief lays out future fight against peer-level adversaries

Referencing a classic story of the American Revolutionary War, the Air Force Chief of Staff asked “One, if by land, two, if by sea, three, if by air, four, if by space, five, if by cyber…How many lanterns does our adversary have to purchase if we can use all the

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10 Dec 2017

Trump: Accidental Nuclear Genius?

Love him or hate him, when it comes to North Korea, Trump just may be frustratingly suited for nuclear negotiations. Unpredictability, emotional outbursts, irrationality, and other descriptors that have been applied to the sitting president are likely qualities a president should not have in general. According to Cold War-era nuclear

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