03 Nov 2021

Ransomware Gangs Target Corporate Financial Activities

The Federal Bureau of Investigation has released a warning detailing how ransomware gangs are threatening to tank share prices for publicly held companies. According to the FBI, the new extortion tactic consists of cybercriminals targeting businesses when they are approaching significant and time-sensitive financial events, such as quarterly earnings reports

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02 Apr 2021

Ubiquiti Shares Dive After Reportedly Downplaying ‘Catastrophic’ Data Breach

New York City- based IoT device maker Ubiquiti recently disclosed a data breach that was downplayed. After news of the catastrophic data breach, the shares of the company fell significantly this week. In January, Ubiquiti informed customers that unauthorized access to some IT systems hosted by a third-party cloud provider

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28 Jan 2021

GameStop effect spreads as calls for probe build

An unprecedented event is currently happening as part of a battle between small-time traders on Reddit and hedge funds that have shaken both the US and European stock markets and are expected to disrupt Asia as well. Surges in several Australian companies are joining a list of Reddit fueled moves

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05 Jan 2021

NYSE Abruptly Reverses Plan to Delist Chinese Telecom Companies

The New York Stock Exchange did a 180 and abruptly dropped plans to delist three major Chinese telecommunications companies. The decision came after the NYSE consulted regulators pertaining to an investment ban enacted by President Donald Trump. Just days before the companies were to be delisted and just two weeks

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14 May 2020

FBI serves warrant on senator in investigation of stock sales linked to coronavirus

On Wednesday night, federal agents seized the phone of Senator Richard Burr of NC as part of an investigation into Senator Burr’s suspicious stock trades just before the COVID-19 virus hit the US. The Justice Department is investigating whether the stock trades performed by Burr and other Senators coincided with

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