24 Sep 2018

FANGs Aren’t Tech Stocks Any More: S&P Overhauls Sector Breakdowns

In the largest sector reclassification since 1999, Facebook, Alphabet, Twitter, Paypal, Netflix, Disney, Viacom, Fox, and Snap will now be classified as “Communications Services” instead of “Information Technology,” in a move that will reduce the “tech” portion of the S&P from around 26% to 15%. This reclassification will have significant

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13 Jul 2018

Cybersecurity ETFs outperforming tech and other ETFs by large margin

Digital security companies continue to perform well as major breaches and hacker intrusions appear to be pushing investment. Performance in some of the largest digital security companies and a popular basket of cybersecurity companies is outperforming other tech sectors by a large margin, with one of the most popular cybersecurity

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