16 Mar 2021

U.S. Sanctions Islamic State’s Central African Franchise for First Time

On Wednesday, the US imposed sanctions on two of the Islamic State’s associates, both located in Central Africa. The move marks the first time the US has imposed sanctions on the terrorist organization’s Central African affiliates, highlighting the rising threat posed by the jihadist group outside of the Middle East.

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08 Dec 2020

China open to reset in relations with US as Washington announces fresh sanctions over Hong Kong

China’s foreign minister Wang Yi has declared that Beijing is ready to restart its relationship with the US, as the two countries have experienced escalating tensions over the past year. Yi called the path “a critical historical juncture.” Yi also stated that the two countries should rebuild mutual trust in

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06 Nov 2020

China Irate After U.S. Removes ‘Terrorist’ Label From Separatist Group

Hong Kong is allegedly angered at the fact that the US State Department removed a Uighur separatist group that is largely defunct from its list of terrorist organizations. Beijing blames the group for ethnic tensions in its northwest region. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo has ordered the delisting of the

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06 Aug 2020

State Department offers $10 million for info on hackers targeting U.S. elections

The State Department announced today that they are offering a reward of up to $10 million for information that would lead to identifying or locating foreign operatives attempting to interfere in the US 2020 Presidential elections. The State Department’s move is likely due to interference in the 2016 elections, in

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28 May 2020

U.S. Officially Declares That Hong Kong Is No Longer Autonomous

Amid violent protests in Hong Kong, the State Department has declared the region no longer has a high degree of autonomy from China. On Wednesday, Secretary of State Mike Pompeo released this statement, which is likely to unsettle the global financial center. Federal law requires Pompeo to make this assessment,

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06 May 2020

US veteran behind failed Venezuela plot says two American mercenaries detained

On Monday, a US military veteran who has claimed responsibility for a failed armed coup attempt in Venezuela stated that two US citizens formally working with him have been detained by Venezuelan authorities. The military veteran, Jordan Goudreau, and two accomplices previously attempted to oust President Nicolas Maduro. According to

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17 Feb 2020

U.S. Passengers Depart Cruise Ship Quarantined Over Coronavirus

Two weeks after a cruise ship that had departed from China was quarantined after it was discovered that several people on board were infected with the coronavirus, the Americans on board have departed Tokyo en route to the US. The Americans were sent to Haneda airport in China where they

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29 Jan 2020

States Sue Trump Administration Over 3D-Printed Gun Regulations

Twenty states and the District of Columbia have joined together to challenge the regulation of ghost guns, or 3D gun models available online, set in place by the Trump administration. The new rules put forth by the administration will go into effect in March and will effectively remove the software

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29 Jan 2020

U.S. Expands Airport Screening for Coronavirus; Officials Add Risk of Extensive Infections Is Low

The US has reportedly expanded screening of passengers due to the outbreak of coronavirus that originated in China but has since spread to several other countries. The screening applies to over 20 US airports, however, health officials have ensured the public that the virus does not currently pose a threat

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13 Jan 2020

UK requests extradition of former US diplomat’s wife accused in death of British teen

The United Kingdom has delivered an extradition request to the US State Department, asking that Anne Sacoolas be transported to the UK for trial. Sacoolas is the wife of a former US diplomat who has been charged with causing the death of a teenager in England. The teen was riding

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