23 Oct 2019

FTC bars company from selling “stalking” apps

Software developer Retina-X Studio is no longer allowed to sell three of its apps designed for monitoring employees and children, because the “stalkerware” applications are often used by cybercriminals to spy on users without their consent, the US Federal Trade Commission (FTC) determined on Tuesday. The FTC wants the company

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03 Oct 2019

Cybersecurity companies focus on the role of ‘stalkerware’ in domestic abuse

In the US, October functions as the month for both cybersecurity awareness and domestic violence awareness. One threat that lies at the crossroads of cybersecurity and domestic violence, is stalkerware, which refers to commercial spyware that can be legally acquired and can be used to monitor people. Software of this

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04 Apr 2019

Over 58,000 Android users had stalkerware installed on their phones last year

A new report by Kaspersky Lab highlights the rise of ‘stalkerware’, which is a type of spyware offered by legitimate firms for supposedly benign aims like monitoring children or employees. However, many stalkerware apps do not indicate to users that they are being monitored, even though legitimate solutions should do

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