04 Aug 2022

69% of Stolen Tokens in 2022 was From Cross-Chain Bridge

According to a study released on August 2 by blockchain analytics firm Chainalysis, there have been 13 separate token bridge violations (Crypto Hacks) this year, the most recent being the $190 million Nomad Bridge hack. According to their calculations, 13 different hacks have resulted in the Cross-chain bridge attacks accounting

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18 Jul 2022

Crypto Tokens: Does Security Selection Matter?

A falling stock market is not bad for everyone. Sure, many investors lose out as their portfolios decline in value, but those who are just starting to invest or have underweighted equities can benefit from lower valuations, which tend to deliver higher returns over the long term. Naturally, equity markets do

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23 Jun 2022

Cryptocurrency: Security vs. utility tokens

​​The decentralised nature of blockchain technology has revolutionised several industries with consistent adoption across markets. The cryptocurrency industry, now a decade old, is integral in the technology and has been a major vehicle of blockchain adoption. Bitcoin was launched in 2019, bringing the world the first “cryptocurrency”. Since then, we’ve seen

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