14 Nov 2022

Android Phone Vulnerability Presents Active Spyware Risk

The vulnerabilities leveraged in the exploit chain are specific to phones powered by Samsung’s Exynos SoC and running kernel 4.14.113 were described by Google Project Zero as having been seen in the wild, meaning that the exploit is being actively used to target user devices. Full Story

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03 Nov 2022

Religious Minority Persecuted in Iran Targeted With Sophisticated Android Spyware

Kaspersky has warned of a previously undetected espionage campaign that is targeting the Persian-speaking religious minority Baha’i. The campaign is leveraging Android spyware to target the group with a malicious VPN application that claims to provide access to Baha’i religious resources that are banned in Iran. The application contains highly

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31 Oct 2022

Russia Suspected in Truss Phone Hacking Scandal

Earlier this year, former UK Prime Minister Liz Truss’s personal phone was found to be infected by spyware distributed by foreign agents. This posed a signification national security risk, the UK stated. the incident was discovered over the summer during the Conservative Party leadership contest. Truss worried that the spyware

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21 Oct 2022

‘FurBall’ Spyware Being Used Against Iranian Citizens

Analysts at ESET have found a new Android malware variant dubbed FurBall being used to target and spy on Iranian citizens. The spyware’s deployment is likely an extension of the wider Domestic Kitten campaign launched by the threat actor APT-C-50. Although the spyware has undergone some new scripts and changes,

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07 Oct 2022

Android Spyware ‘RatMilad’ Targets Enterprise Devices in Iran

A newly discovered Android spyware has been dubbed RatMilad and is infecting enterprise devices in the Middle East. Cyber security company Zimperium discovered the threat and claim that the original variant was found behind a VPN and phone spoofing app. The RatZMilad spyware was uncovered alongside a live sample of

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08 Sep 2022

New Iranian hacking group APT42 deploys custom Android spyware

Cybersecurity firm Mandiant has released information regarding what is believed to be a new Iranian state-sponsored hacking group referred to as APT42. The group is allegedly using a custom Android malware to spy on targets that fit its interests. Mandiant has reportedly collecting enough evidence to prove that the group

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30 Aug 2022

Receipt for €8M iOS Zero-Day Sale Pops Up on Dark Web

Security researchers have identified screenshots of a transaction between an unknown customer and Intellexa, a spyware company, in which the buyer paid €8 million to obtain access to a full-service zero-day remote control execution exploit. The transaction shows the zero-day exploit referred to as Nova Suite to the unknown buyer.

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08 Jul 2022

Apple Announces ‘Lockdown Mode’ to Protect Journalists and Human Rights Workers From Spyware

On Wednesday, Apple announced a slew of new iPhone security features it calls “Lockdown Mode” aimed to protect journalists and human rights workers from spyware. Lockdown Mode will be available in the fall of this year and offer iPhone users a number of new security features, including blocking message attachment

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24 Jun 2022

Google details commercial spyware that targets both Android and iOS devices

Google has warned its customers that an enterprise grade spyware strain is targeting both Android and iOS mobile device users in a recent Google Threat Analysis Group announcement. The spyware variant is reportedly in active circulation, according to the security team. Google has thus far identified victims in Italy and

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21 Jun 2022

Kazakh Govt. Used Spyware Against Protesters

Security company Lookout published a report last week detailing how a Kazakhstan government entity used spyware developed by Italian company RCS Lab against protestors. The government entity leveraged the enterprise grade spyware against domestic targets via brand impersonation that tricked recipients into clicking on malicious links. The spyware used has

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