10 May 2021

iPhone Hack Allegedly Used to Spy on China’s Uyghurs

US intelligence has stated that the Chaos iPhone flaw that allows for remote takeover was leveraged by China against the minority ethnic group, the Uyghurs before Apple patched the issue. A Chinese security researcher working at the antivirus company Qihoo 360 allegedly found the complex exploit in 2019, dubbing it

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07 Apr 2021

Iranian ‘spy ship’ damaged by explosion in Red Sea

An Iranian ship, called the Saviz, has been damaged by an explosion that occurred while the ship was anchored off of Yemen’s Red Sea coast. The ship is allegedly used by Revolutionary Guards to spy on foreign entities, according to Iran’sforeign ministry. The blast caused no casualties and is still

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22 Mar 2021

China takes aim at ‘spying’ Tesla cars, bans military staff use

Last week, the Chinese government allegedly suspended and restricted the use of Tesla vehicles in military and state-owned company applications. Military and federal staff are allegedly not allowed to drive Tesla vehicles into certain facilities due to concerns that Teslas were being used for US espionage data-gathering campaigns. China reportedly

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26 Jan 2021

Iran arrests US dual national on spying charges

Iran has allegedly arrested a dual US-Iranian national on spying charges. The individual has not been identified but was attempting to leave the country upon his arrest. According to Judiciary Spokesman Gholamhossein Esmaili, the individual is now free on bail. Last week, Iran reported that another US-Iranian national named Emad

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25 Jan 2021

Russian Government Agency Warns Firms of US Attack

According to intelligence, the Russian government has issued a cybersecurity guidance to Russian businesses, alleging that they are at risk of US cyber espionage in revenge for the recent SolarWinds hacks. The Russian agency the National Coordination Center for Computer Incidents (NKTsKI) released the advisory. The message claimed that the

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25 Jan 2021

ADT Tech Hacks Home-Security Cameras to Spy on Women

A former ADT employee recently went to trial, confessing that he accessed customers’ cameras to spy on household members, specifically women. Telesforo Aviles allegedly took note when there were attractive women residing at a home he serviced, all in the Dallas area. He would then add his personal email address

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11 Dec 2020

Russia Vows ‘Retaliatory Measures’ After Dutch Expel Diplomats For Spying

Moscow has released a statement regarding the expulsion of two Russian diplomats accused by the Netherlands of spying, claiming that retaliatory measures would be enacted. The incident has strained the relationship between the two countries. The Netherlands alleges that two Russians who were working out of the Russian embassy in

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25 Aug 2020

Malicious Chinese SDK In 1,200 iOS Apps With Billions Of Installs Causing ‘Major Privacy Concerns To Hundreds Of Millions Of Consumers’

New research uncovers shocking information that a Chinese ad network called Mintegral has been spying on user activity and committing ad fraud through over 1,200 applications. The applications have over 300 million installs per month since July of 2019, meaning that this issue likely impacts billions of total app installs

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14 Jul 2020

Iran executes man convicted of selling missile information to CIA

Iranian authorities claim that it has executed a former defense ministry employee who allegedly sold information to the US CIA. The man in question, Reza Asgari, was executed last week according to judiciary spokesman Gholamhossein Esmaili. Esmaili stated that Asgari sold details on Iran’s missile program to the CIA after

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19 Jun 2020

China charges 2 Canadians with spying in Huawei-linked case

Today, two Canadians detained in China were charged with spying in a bid to step up pressure on Canada to drop the US’s extradition request for prominent Huawei employee who is currently serving house arrest in Vancouver. One of the Canadians, Michael Kovrig, was charged by china on suspicion of

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