01 Apr 2020

Millions of Guests Impacted in Marriott Data Breach, Again

Marriott hotel empire has suffered from its second major data breach in the span of two years. The most recent was disclosed by Marriott on Tuesday. The breach affected 5.2 million customers after an attack was carried out on the chain via third-party software that Mariott uses to provide guest

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27 Mar 2020

667% spike in email phishing attacks due to coronavirus fears

Amid the coronavirus pandemic, attackers are capitalizing on public fear and taking advantage of heightened emotions by targeting victims in email phishing attacks related to COVID-19. The number of email attacks related to COVID-19 has been increasing since January according to data collected by cybersecurity firm Barracuda Networks. However, the

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23 Mar 2020

Russian APT28 Group Changes Tack to Probe Email Servers

Russian threat actor group APT28 has recently been probing email servers, scanning for vulnerable email, Microsoft SQL Servers and Directory servers, changing its tactics from its previous attacks. The APT group is responsible for some major cybercrime campaigns over the past few years, including stealing information from the Democratic National

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31 Jan 2020

Iranian hackers target US government workers in new campaign

Government-backed Iranian hackers have recently been targeting US federal workers, aiming to compromise government systems by attacking servers with malware. The hacking attempts have been traced back to a threat actor group named APT34, which first began launching attacks against the US six years ago on the behalf of the

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02 Jan 2020

Microsoft Takes North Korean Hacking Group Thallium to Court

On December 18, Microsoft filed a lawsuit in the U.S. District Court for the Eastern District of Virginia against the North Korean cyber espionage and hacking group Thallium. The lawsuit claims that the group broke into Microsoft customers’ accounts via spear-phishing attacks with the goal of obtaining sensitive user information.

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21 Mar 2019

Latest tactics used by cybercriminals to bypass traditional email security

New research by Barracuda sheds light on the evolving strategies used by cybercriminals in email-based spear-phishing attacks. The report distinguishes between three types of spear phishing: brand impersonation attacks, business email compromise (BEC) and extortion. Brand impersonation is the most popular strategy by far, accounting for 83% of attacks. Extortion

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