03 Feb 2023

Spain, Morocco seek reset of testy relationship at Rabat summit

Spain and Morocco have agreed to set aside their differences to repair their relationship according to Spanish Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez. The relationship between the two countries have often been marked by disputes over migration and territory. The two countries signed almost 20 agreements to boost trade and investment, including

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04 Jan 2023

EU Set to Impose Coordinated Controls on Travelers From China

The European Union member states have begun planning for the implementation of coordinated controls on passengers arriving from China. This could include mandatory pre-travel testing to avoid consequences of China’s sudden reversal of its zero-Covid policy. The decision will likely be finalized on Wednesday and would follow in the path

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01 Dec 2022

Spanish PM targeted amid spate of explosive packages

Spain has increased security after a number of letter bombs have been sent to high-profile targets, including the prime minister. On Wednesday, a similar device was delivered tot he Ukrainian embassy in Madrid, slightly injuring an employee. The defense minister and the US embassy were also among the targets.  It

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15 Sep 2022

Spain, Europol arrest ‘one of Europe’s biggest money launderers’

European police have arrested one of Europe’s biggest money launderers in a rain in southern Spain. The suspect, a British-Irish man, is believed to have laundered more than 200 million euros in illicit money. The operation was led by Spain’s Guardia Civil and coordinated by Europol. The operation is seen

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29 Jul 2022

Spain inflation highest since 1984; new record for eurozone area

Consumer prices in Spain have risen at the fastest rate since September of 1984. Inflation in the countries using the euro currency has reached a new record. Prices increased 10.8% this month in Spain after increased 10.2% in June. Spain is battling the inflation that has occurred in many countries

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15 Jul 2022

Thousands escape wildfires in France, Spain and Greece

Over 10,000 people have been forced to leave the Gironde region in the south-west of France in the past few days. Dozens of wildfires are burning in Portugal and Spain where temperatures are above 40C. There have been at least 281 deaths related to the heatwave in the two countries. 

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27 Jun 2022

AU expresses ‘deep shock’ over deaths at Spain-Morocco border

Nearly two dozen people died while trying to break through a border fence between Morocco and Melilla, a Spanish enclave. The African Union expressed its shock about the tragedy and called for an immediate investigation. The chairman of the African Union Commission condemned the “degrading treatment of African Migrants.”  The

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14 Nov 2021

Spanish Brewery “Paralyzed” by Cyber-Attack

Sociedad Anónima Damm, Spain’s second-biggest brewery, has suffered from a sophisticated cyberattack. The attack occurred last Tuesday and the company is expected to fully recover over the next several days. The brewery manufactures the world-renowned Estrella Damm lager and has been in business since 1876. The company was forced to

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21 Sep 2021

Europol Breaks Open Extensive Mafia Cybercrime Ring

International law enforcement efforts have led to the takedown of an extensive cybercrime operation run by a gang with ties to the Italian Mafia. According to Europol, the gang utilized violence and intimidation as tactics and collected $12 million in online fraud profits. The group used phishing attacks to defraud

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02 Apr 2021

Fire bomb attack on Spanish leftist party’s office

An office of Spain’s Unidas Podemos party was hit by a fire-bomb attack on Friday. The attack was against a regional office of the leftist party in Cartagena in southeastern Spain. The exterior of the building was damaged. Podemos claims right-wing elements carried out the attack. Calling the attack “street

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