16 Sep 2020

Modern Space Missions Lead to Standing Joint NASA, DOE Coordinating Group

Throughout decades of innovation fostering partnership in space and on Earth, there has been one overall goal: landing humans on Mars. NASA and the Energy Department have been working on a renewed collaboration that aims to achieve this goal, which would make history as the first man on Mars. The

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05 Aug 2020

‘Thanks for Flying SpaceX’

On Sunday, two NASA astronauts returned to Earth after two months of living at the International Space Station. The duo was shuttled to safety by a SpaceX Dragon capsule that landed in waters off in the Gulf of Mexico, off the coast of Florida. SpaceX has launched several rockets without

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30 Jul 2020

How the Energy Department Is Powering NASA’s Soon-to-Launch Mars Rover

The Energy Department will play a part in NASA’s initiative to sent the Perseverance rover to seek ancient life on Mars. Several of the Energy Department’s national labs will also partake in the venture. The rover has experienced several delays in its launch, however, it is set to launch today

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09 Jul 2020

Russian space official arrested on suspicion of treason

An advisor to the head of Russia’s space agency, Ivan Safronov, has been detained by the Federal Security Service on suspicion of treason. Safronov was performing tasks for one of NATO’s intelligence services, requiring him to access confidential data about Russia’s military and technical cooperation as well as defense and

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18 Jun 2020

Pentagon Unveils New Defense Space Strategy

On June 17, the Pentagon unveiled a new Defense Space Strategy that aims to ensure the US maintains military superiority over advanced adversaries such as China and Russia. The new plan signifies the critical moment in space exploration that we are currently in. The US military is also increasingly shifting

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15 Jun 2020

NASA Taps Astrobotic to Deliver its Water-Searching VIPER Rover to the Moon

Astrobotic, a PA-based, space robotics company, will deliver the Volatiles Investigating Polar Exploration Rover (VIPER) to the moon’s the South Pole. VIPER is NASA’s water-searching mobile technology and intelligence rover, that the agency plans to send into space near the end of 2020. Astrobotic was awarded a task order valued

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18 May 2020

Air Force Leaders Fret As Another Satellite Maker Declares Bankruptcy

Intelsat announced last Wednesday during a press release that it was declaring bankruptcy, becoming the second major satellite company to file for bankruptcy amid the COVID-19 pandemic. The announcement was met with concern from the US Air Force’s chief acquisitions executive, Will Roper, who stated that the cash flow into

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14 May 2020

Coronavirus Not Slowing Russian, Chinese Space Activities, U.S. General Says

On Tuesday, a top US general revealed that Russia and China’s space operations have not been slowed by the global pandemic, adding that both countries continue to test military rockets and space weapons. Lt. Gen. David Thompson declared Russia’s space endeavors “unsafe,” deeming the behavior unacceptable. Lt. Gen. Thompson stated

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08 Apr 2020

White House signals support for a new international Moon Treaty

On April 6, the White House released a new executive order that stated the administration will work to formalize rules regarding the collection and use of resources regarding space and the Moon. While the US and several other countries did not endorse the 1979 attempt to create a “Moon Treaty,”

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15 Jan 2020

Former NASA Commander Says Space Force ‘Incredibly Important’

Pam Melroy, a retired Air Force pilot and former NASA astronaut, stated that the US’s future in space is critical. Melroy is a veteran of three space shuttle flights, consisting of over 38 days in space altogether. Melroy has performed risky assembly missions to build the International Space Station. Melroy

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