19 Nov 2021

National Security, Space-Based Capabilities and U.S. Deterrence

Space has many strategic vectors: economic, military, cyber, and information warfare. It will play a vital role in the future of U.S. collaboration with its allies. Space is also on the list of domains that are part of The Chinese Dream for supremacy in areas like quantum computing and artificial intelligence. As China sees it, the U.S. could stand in the way of achieving its strategic aims in space. Classic deterrence theory (i.e., nuclear proliferation and deterrence) should be applied to these space-based challenges.

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24 Jun 2021

Microsoft Joins Space-Focused Threat Intelligence Sharing Community

Microsoft announced on Wednesday that it joined the Space Information Sharing and Analysis Center (ISAC) as a founding member. In the announcement, the organization expressed its aim to help safeguard America’s digital assets in space. Space cybersecurity is a relatively new sector, making it highly important to deepen the knowledge

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