20 Aug 2018

The U.S. Is Worried That a Russian Satellite Is Really a Weapon

The “abnormal behavior” of a Russian satellite of unknown function has prompted U.S. concern that it may be surveilling U.S. space assets, preparing for future attacks, or developing offensive technologies. These concerns, as well as continued Russian and Chinese development of “dual use” space technology that could be used for

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09 Jul 2018

Space Guard vs. Space Force?

Rather than a stand-alone military Branch currently promoted by President Trump, a number of experts are advancing the possibility of a “Space Guard,” modeled more closely after the U.S. Coast Guard, that is able to provide management, enforcement, and structure in the new frontier. This might include the enforcement of

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29 Jun 2018

Pentagon Intelligence Chief: Russia And China Will Have Weapons in Space ‘In the Near Future’

In what has been called the most “overt” acknowledgement by U.S. intelligence regarding Russian and Chinese weaponization of space, the director of the Defense Intelligence Agency stated that U.S. superiority in the domain is decreasing as China and Russia develop powerful satellite and anti-satellite technology. Both countries have developed ground

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22 Jun 2018

Russia threatens ‘tough response’ to US space force

Just after China issued warnings about an escalating weapons push for space, Russia has threatened to respond to the creation of a US “Space Force” with “a tough response aimed at ensuring world security.” President Trump framed the need for such a force in terms of a need for technology

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20 Jun 2018

Space Force: China cautions against outer space arms race

Responding to President Trump’s executive order for the establishment of a “Space Force” within the US military, China warned that such a decision could result in an space arms race. US worries over Chinese and Russian development of powerful space technology and weaponry, mostly against satellites and GPS systems, have

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19 Jun 2018

Trump issues executive order to create space force

President Trump signed an executive order on Monday that directed the Pentagon to create a “Space Force.” While the President and the Pentagon are able to research, recommend, and establish working groups for the creation of a new military branch, experts have noted that the ultimate approval must still go

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