08 Mar 2019

‘Open challenge’: North Korea slams US-S Korea military drills

The recent decision by the governments of the United States and South Korea to cancel two large-scale war games and replace them with smaller drills to prevent antagonizing the North Korean regime has not achieved the desired result. In response to the ongoing US-South Korea joint military exercises, North Korea’s

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04 Mar 2019

South Korea and US to end two large-scale war games

In order not to antagonize the North Korean regime, the US and South Korea have decided to stop holding the Foal Eagle and Key Resolve annual joint military exercises, which in the past have involved up to 200,000 South Korean forces and 30,000 US troops. North Korea has considered the

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25 Feb 2019

Trump and Kim May Declare End of War at Summit, South Korea Says

According to a spokesman for South Korea’s president, Moon Jae-in, “[t]he possibility is open” for an end-of-war declaration at the upcoming US-North Korea summit in Vietnam. “We still don’t know exactly what format the end-of-war declaration will take, but there is an ample possibility of North Korea and the United

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20 Feb 2019

South Korea Proposes Joint Economic Projects to Prod North to Denuclearize

In a Tuesday phone call with US president Trump, South Korean president Moon Jae-in proposed that the two countries work together to offer North Korea an incentive for denuclearization in the form of cross-border economic projects in North and South Korea. After the call, Trump stated that he would “like to see ultimately denuclearization

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05 Feb 2019

U.S., South Korea agree ‘in principle’ on sharing troop cost: State Department

The U.S. and South Korea have reached a big-picture agreement on the sharing of costs for U.S. troops stationed in the country. “The United States and the Republic of Korea have reached an agreement in principle on a Special Measures Agreement,” announced a spokesperson. “Both sides are committed to working

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29 Jan 2019

Fractures opening across democratic Northeast Asia defense front

While some might assume that coordination over the issues of China and North Korea would bring Japan and South Korea together, longstanding disagreements are threatening the country’s bilateral and regional relationships. While the two countries share many cultural, economic, and political values, disagreements extend across sectors from security and territorial

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17 Jan 2019

Hackers breach and steal data from South Korea’s Defense Ministry

South Korea’s Defense Acquisition Program Administration (DAPA), which is the country’s national defense agency in charge of managing arms procurement for the military, has experienced a cyberattack. The attack took place in October of last year, and resulted in the compromise of 30 DAPA computers by unidentified hackers, who managed

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04 Jan 2019

North Korea’s defecting ambassador an intelligence gold mine

North Korea’s interim ambassador to Italy has reportedly defected. If confirmed, the defection comes at a critical time in the development of South Korea-North Korea relations and may threaten their progress, as the defector has a high-ranking family background and could be a key source of intelligence for the West.

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27 Dec 2018

Is ‘radar feud’ sign of future military confrontation between South Korea and Japan?

“A war of nerves between South Korea and Japan over a South Korean warship’s radar search operations could be a sign of increasing tensions, as the countries reposition military operations in the region, military experts say. The episode, in particular, coincides with South Korean military’s shift of its operational focus

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10 Dec 2018

Trump Wants South Korea to Pay More for U.S. Troop Presence

President Trump has demanded increased South Korean contribution to the U.S. presence in the country, a demand that places additional strain on the ongoing negotiations on the peninsula. The requested increase is as much as double the current amount, about $1.6 billion annually. Some sources have indicated a lower figure

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