14 Aug 2019

Deploying new US missiles would be ‘reckless act’: North Korean media

North Korea on Wednesday responded to recent comments by US Defense Secretary Mark Esper about the possibility of deploying ground-launched, intermediate-range missiles in Asia, by warning that placing such missiles in South Korea would be “a reckless act of escalating regional tension, an act that may spark off a new

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09 Aug 2019

Trump sours on South Korea as he downplays North Korea missile tests

After downplaying the significance of the recent missile tests carried out by North Korea in response to US-South Korea joint military exercises, US President Donald Trump has now accused South Korea on Twitter of paying “virtually nothing” for military protection by the US. US officials say the president is frustrated

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06 Aug 2019

‘We will make them pay’: North Korea launches missiles, condemns US-South Korea drills

North Korea has carried out yet another missile test in response to joint US-South Korean military exercises. In the wake of the fourth rocket launch in under three weeks, the country stated that the US has until the end of the year to easy its sanctions on Pyongyang, but warned

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05 Aug 2019

US, S. Korea defy North’s warnings, start joint drills

In defiance of recent warnings by North Korea, the United States and South Korea kicked off a series of planned joint military exercises on Monday. South Korean defence minister Jeong Kyeong-doo said that with the drills, the country is “clearly maintaining its readiness posture against any military action by North Korea”.

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02 Aug 2019

N Korea conducts third weapons test in eight days

On Friday, North Korea carried out its third missile test in eight days. South Korean officials stated that the missiles were likely a new kind of short range ballistic missile just like the type used in the previous launches. Experts believe that Pyongyang is carrying out the tests as a

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02 Aug 2019

Breach alert in South Korea after 1m card details were put up for sale online

Researchers with Gemini Advisory have noticed a significant increase in the number of South Korean payment card details being traded on dark web marketplaces, which could be the result of a major breach. In the past two months, 1.12 million payment cards were put up for sale (230,000 in June

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31 Jul 2019

North Korea tests more missiles despite efforts at diplomatic solutions

North Korea has carried out a missile test for the second time in a week, the South Korean military reported on Wednesday. Pyongyang launched two short-range ballistic missiles, just like it did on July 25 when North Korean leader Kim Jung-un spoke of a warning to Seoul. South Korea condemned

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26 Jul 2019

North Korea missile launch ‘a warning to South Korean warmongers’

The missile test carried out by North Korea on Thursday was a “solemn warning” against “South Korean warmongers,” the country’s leader Kim Jung-un said on Friday. South Korean officials had stated that two new short-range ballistic missiles were launched by Pyongyang, which would constitute a violation of UN Security Council

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25 Jul 2019

Nuclear talks in doubt as North Korea tests ballistic missiles, envoy cancels trip

North Korea on Thursday carried out the first missile test since the country’s leader Kim Jung-un met with US President Donald Trump in the Demilitarized Zone (DMZ) between North and South Korea last month. During that meeting, both leaders agreed to a new round of talks on North Korea’s nuclear program.

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24 Jul 2019

Russia and South Korea spar over airspace ‘intrusion’

Russia on Wednesday denied that South Korea’s airspace was violated by a Russian aircraft during a joint air patrol by Russia and China in the Asia-Pacific region on Tuesday. While a statement by South Korea’s presidential office mentioned that Russia had expressed “deep regret” over the incident, Moscow later dismissed

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