25 Sep 2020

Kim Jong-un apologizes for killing of South Korean official

Kim Jong-un, North Korea’s authoritarian leader, extended a rare personal apology after North Korean law enforcement killed a South Korean official allegedly attempting to defect. The man was found by troops floating on a raft in North Korean waters, rescued, and then questioned. At some point during or after the

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24 Sep 2020

South Korea official shot dead by North Korean troops after crossing border

On Thursday, Seoul disclosed that a South Korean government worker was shot and killed by North Korean forces after crossing a maritime border into the region. According to Lt. Gen. Ahn Young-ho, a top official in South Korea, the man went missing in waters roughly 1.9 kilometers south of the

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26 Aug 2020

What is Kim Yo Jong’s exact role in North Korean politics? Top South Korean officials appear divided

Kim Yo Jong, Kim Jong Un’s younger sister, allegedly became the second most powerful North Korean figure after Kim Jong Un dictated some of his authorities to his younger sibling. However, the South Korean government disputes this claim, stating that Kim Yo Jong will not be named as a successor

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13 Aug 2020

South Korea’s Coronavirus Response Under Pressure as Doctors Plan Strike

On Friday, South Korea’s largest physician association plans to strike, protesting against a government proposal to increase the number of doctors after South Korea experienced severe staffing shortages at the peak of the COVID-19 outbreak within the country. According to the Korean Medical Association, a group that represents 130,000 doctors,

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23 Jul 2020

South Korea Slumps Into a Recession

South Korea’s economy has fallen into a recession following its second quarter of contraction. This is likely due to the COVID-19 pandemic taking a heavy toll on the country, which is heavily reliant on exports. Gross domestic product within South Korea shrank by 3.3% in the second quarter, according to

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09 Jul 2020

Seoul mayor missing, his phone turned off, search underway

Police in Seoul are searching for missing mayor Park Won-soon after leaving a message for his daughter that sounded suspiciously like a will. Won-soon’s phone is now shut off, and he did not show up for work yesterday. His daughter stated that she contacted the police because she could not

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24 Jun 2020

North Korea suspends plans for increased military pressure against the South

North Korea has been purposefully escalating tensions against South Korea and has now suspended plans to increase military pressure against its neighbor. Ties between the two countries rapidly deteriorated over the past month, particularly when North Korea blew up a joint liaison office used for negotiations. The decision comes after

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23 Jun 2020

South Korean activist floats leaflets to North amid tensions

On Tuesday, an activist claimed that a South Korean group launched hundreds of thousands of leaflets by balloon across the border into North Korea overnight. The actions occur just days after North Korea purposefully bombed a shared center between the two warring countries, making a statement against actions such as

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17 Jun 2020

S Korea unification minister offers to resign over tensions with North

Just one day after North Korea blew up a joint liaison office with the South in a fit of discontent with the South’s practices of sending propagated material secretly over the border, the South Korean unification minister has offered to resign. The two countries have been involved in decades of

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16 Jun 2020

North Korea blows up joint liaison office with South in Kaesong

Yesterday, North Korea blew up a joint liaison office with South Korea near the border town of Kaesong, North Korea. The drastic move occurred just hours after renewed threats of military action at the shared border. The office was opened just two years ago in 2018 to help the two

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