12 Nov 2018

US tells China to remove missile systems in South China Sea

“China has been warned by the United States to dismantle its missile systems shield deployed in the disputed Spratly Islands chain in the South China Sea. The move, believed to be the first time Washington has directly addressed the issue, came in a statement following high-level talks at last week’s

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08 Nov 2018

Japan to develop underwater drone to defend remote islands against Chinese

“Japan plans to develop a large underwater drone to monitor its remote islands as Tokyo continues to build up assets set to guard against Chinese incursion. The unmanned submersible will be unveiled in a Ministry of Defense’s policy document that lays out the island nation’s five-year plan from April 2019.

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01 Jun 2018

Citing WWII Experience, Pentagon Suggests U.S. Has the Technical and Expert Capacity ‘Take Down’ China’s Man-Made Islands

Responding to questions on China and the South China Sea tensions, a Pentagon official cited U.S. experience in island campaigns in the Pacific, saying that the military has the technical and expert know-how to “take down” these small islands.  The Pentagon’s Joint Staff director tempered these statements, adding that this

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30 May 2017

Breaking the Mirror: South China Sea Policy Revisited

The current administration has a unique opportunity to reorient the United States’ strategic approach toward China and the South China Sea conflict, placing the U.S. and its allies on a path to an ideal resolution.

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06 Dec 2016

US Foreign Policy: A Strategic Approach towards China Concerning the DPRK

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