05 Apr 2021

With Swarms of Ships, Beijing Tightens Its Grip on South China Sea

According to local reports, an influx of Chinese ships has populated the South China Sea. For strategic context on the meaning of this activity and what business leaders should do about it see: C-Suite Considerations Regarding Current Geopolitical Tensions Although the boats appear to be fishing boats, they are not

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21 Jun 2019

South China Sea: Satellite image shows Chinese fighter jets deployed to contested island

One week before Chinese President Xi Jinping is set to meet United States President Donald Trump at a G-20 summit in Japan, a satellite image has emerged that shows the presence of 4 Chinese J-10 fighter jets on Woody Island, a disputed territory in the South China Sea. The island

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20 May 2019

U.S. warship sails in disputed South China Sea amid trade tensions

In the midst of escalating trade tensions between the US and China, the US military on Sunday stated that the US destroyer Preble sailed “within 12 nautical miles of Scarborough Reef,” a disputed territory in the South China sea claimed by China, Taiwan and the Philippines. The US army said

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01 Mar 2019

Pompeo assures Philippines of U.S. protection in event of sea conflict

Chinese aggression in the South China Sea directed at the Philippines would result in a military response from the US, Secretary of State Mike Pompeo said at a Friday press conference in Manila. Pompeo warned the US ally that “China’s island-building and military activities in the South China Sea threaten your

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16 Jan 2019

US Navy moves toward unleashing killer robot ships on the world’s oceans

The U.S. Navy is entering a paradigm shift on ship building, a shift emerging out of its “distributed lethality” and “distributed maritime operations” ideas. According to the Surface Warfare Director Rear Admiral Ronald Boxall, this mindset is moving away from “putting as much stuff on the ship for as much

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04 Jan 2019

Taiwan boosting cyberwar readiness to ‘strike back’

Taiwan is investing in cyberwar talent and capabilities amidst escalating tensions with mainland China. With its ministry of defense allocating several millions to universities and institutes for the developing of defense and asymmetric cyber-warfare capabilities, employees are being incentivized with salaries more than double the country’s average. Taiwan has accused

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20 Dec 2018

South China Sea and Taiwan among flashpoints for armed conflict in 2019, survey warns US policymakers

The South China Sea and Taiwan have made Council of Foreign Relations’ Centre for Preventative Action list of hotspots for potential armed conflict in 2019. While the issue of the South China Sea has been on the list before, it marks the first time that Taiwan has been included. North

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12 Dec 2018

Senior Chinese military official urges plan to attack U.S. naval vessels in S. China Sea

PLA Air Force Colonel Commandant and President of the Institute of Marine Safety and Cooperation was quoted by Chinese media   urging preparation for attacks on U.S. vessels in the event that they enter Chinese “territorial waters.” “If the U.S. warships break into Chinese waters again, I suggests that two

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29 Nov 2018

The Sea of Azov won’t become the new South China Sea (and Russia knows it)

“While Russia is surely claiming territorial dominion over Crimea, the highly contested root of the conflict here, Moscow knows that the Sea of Azov likely won’t turn into the kind of international debacle China created with ludicrously expansive claims in the South China Sea, and that gives Russia enormous leverage.

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19 Nov 2018

China Has Built ‘Great Wall of SAMs’ In Pacific: US Adm. Davidson

“By turning reefs and atolls in the disputed South China Sea into fortified artificial islands, complete with anti-aircraft Surface-to-Air Missiles, China has transformed ‘what was a great wall of sand just three years ago [into] a great wall of SAMs,’ the US commander in the Pacific said here today. The militarization

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