15 Jul 2021

Chinese Hackers Target Government Entities in Widespread Campaign

According to a new report from Kaspersky, a recently discovered advanced persistent threat (APT) dubbed LuminousMoth is targeting a large number of organizations in South Asia. The campaign involves cyberespionage attacks on organizations and government entities and has been ongoing since at least October 2020. Contrary to similar attacks that

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08 Oct 2020

‘Bahamut’ Threat Group Targets Government & Industry in Middle East

Researchers have been investigating a hack-for-hire cyber threat group named Bahamut and have alleged that the group was involved in attacks against government officials and businesses within the Middle East and South Asia regions. According to researchers, the group hits its targets with sophisticated credential harvesting attacks, phishing campaigns, zero-day

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20 Jan 2010

South Asian terror groups working together

“A syndicate of terror groups affiliated with al-Qaida might try to start a new war between rivals India and Pakistan as part of an organized effort to sow upheaval across South Asia, Defense Secretary Robert Gates said Wednesday. ‘I believe this operation, under the umbrella of al-Qaida working with all

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