01 Nov 2018

Al-Shabab’s former No. 2 leader runs for office in Somalia

Somalia and supporting countries are expressing mixed opinions and confusion about how to respond to an Al-Shabab founder and former number 2 member who defected last year and is now campaigning for a regional presidency position. The candidate has openly discussed his departure from hardline Islamism, but the state is

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03 Oct 2018

The Battle of Mogadishu 25 years later: How the fateful fight changed combat operations

US involvement in Somalia in 1993 was a part of its optimistic role for a post-Cold War world in which it could ensure the delivery of humanitarian aid, combat dictators, build democracies, and watch the world flourish. After a two day battle whose aftermath saw images of dead American soldiers

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19 Sep 2018

Djibouti emerges as arms trafficking hub for Horn of Africa

“The rapprochement between Ethiopia and Eritrea has repercussions that go beyond diplomacy on the Horn of Africa. A recent investigation shows that while Eritrea is no longer isolated, Djibouti is emerging as the new regional arms trafficking hub. The small strategically located state acts as a transit location for weapons trafficking

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16 Aug 2018

Al-Shabaab’s Mata Hari Intelligence Network

A researcher has worked to document a surprising element within Al-Shabaab’s operational structure: the use of sex workers and street children in the group’s intelligence apparatus. “If you want information here,” said one interviewee, “you use the prostitutes and street kids – they see everything, go everywhere, and nobody notices

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05 Jun 2018

AFRICOM airstrikes against al-Shabab continue with high death counts

A U.S. airstrike against al-Shabab in Somalia killed 27 militants on Saturday. This strike is one of many conducted in the past weeks, all working to strengthen the weak Somali government who continues to suffer from regular al-Shabab attacks as it works to recover from decades of civil war and

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10 Apr 2014

Somalia Report for April 10, 2014

The week saw continuing violence throughout the region. The AMISOM and SNA offensive recaptured further Al-Shabaab territory in South-central; more Al-Shabaab movement north was reported and increased Al-Shabaab operations outside of Somalia are reported. A detailed PDF report is available for download below. If you are interested in continuing to

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19 Mar 2014

Somalia Report for March 22 2014

This week saw continuing violence throughout the country. The AMISOM and SNA offensive recaptured more keys towns, however, Al-Shabaab is far from defeated with continuing violence in Mogadishu and other key urban areas. The following is a detailed security and political awareness report for Somalia. If you are interested in

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09 Feb 2012

Somalia – Car Bomb Strikes Capital

“A suicide car bomber killed at least 11 people and wounded 15 others in an explosion on Wednesday in Mogadishu, officials and witnesses said. “ Source: Somalia – Car Bomb Strikes Capital – NYTimes.com

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28 Oct 2010

Two teenage girls executed by Somali militants

“A Somali militant group publicly executed two teenage girls Wednesday after accusing them of being spies for the Somali government, according to the group, eyewitnesses and a relative of one of the girls. ‘Those two girls were evil and they were spies for the enemy (the Somali government), but the

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02 Apr 2010

Somali rebels planning attack on Mogadishu port-sources

“Hardline Islamist insurgents have plans to attack the Somali capital’s seaport with vessels packed full of explosives, African Union peacekeepers and moderate Islamists said Friday. Al Qaeda-linked al Shabaab fighters are waging a deadly insurgency against the fragile Western-backed government, intent on imposing a harsher version of Sharia law throughout

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