01 Apr 2021

Microsoft Wins $22 Billion Deal Making Headsets for US Army

Microsoft has been awarded a $22 billion contract to work with the US Army to supply combat troops with augmented reality headsets. Microsoft and the Army both announced the deal yesterday. The tech, which is based on Microsoft’s HoloLens headsets, was originally designed for the video game and entertainment industries.

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26 Feb 2021

Several soldiers killed in central Mali attack

A military official has said nine soldiers have been killed near the central Malian town of Bandiagara. The death toll had previously been stated as eight after the attack on a gendarmerie post Thursday night. Nine more Malian soldiers were also injured, five of them seriously after a long exchange

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25 Feb 2021

India and Pakistan Agree to Cease-Fire Along Their Disputed Border in Kashmir

Pakistan and India have agreed to a cease-fire along their disputed border, which is regarded as one of the most dangerous frontiers in the world. The two countries released a joint statement on Thursday confirming the agreement. The border, which is referred to as the Line of Control, is a

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09 Dec 2020

French army gets ethical go-ahead for bionic soldiers

On Tuesday, a French military ethics committee released a report following a decision to allow the French armed forces to develop augmented soldiers. The report considers medical treatments, prosthetics, and implants to improve physical cognitive, psychological, and perceptive capacities. The technology could also allow for enhanced tracking or connectivity of

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27 Feb 2020

U.S. Forces Return to Saudi Arabia to Deter Attacks by Iran

2,500 US military personnel have been relocated to Prince Sultan Air Base in Saudi Arabia, nearly 17 years after the US troops largely evacuated the kingdom. After maintaining a small footprint in Saudi Arabia over the past decade and a half, the return of US troops to the country reflects

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