12 Jan 2021

Kaspersky Connects SolarWinds Attack Code to Known Russian APT Group

Turla cyberspies were linked to the SolarWinds breach due to similarities in the malware used in the attack and Kazuar, a backdoor used. The hackers are believed to be based in Russia and targeted the SolarWinds company in a sophisticated attempt to breach the system of hundreds of high-profile organizations.

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07 Jan 2021

DoJ’s Microsoft 365 Email Accounts Compromised in SolarWinds Attacks

The Department of Justice has conceded that its email accounts were breached by Russian attackers as part of the SolarWinds Orion software attacks, according to an announcement made yesterday. Roughly three percent of email accounts were breached, the department stated. The stealthy attacks lead to email compromise among other agencies

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29 Dec 2020

‘Very difficult to defend’: What happens if hackers are inside the Pentagon’s networks?

The Pentagon has protections in place to prevent breaches and threat actors accessing sensitive information such as communications and weapons systems. These cybersecurity measures, such as protective blockades, need to be strong enough to keep foreign hackers out of systems and prevent theft, alteration, or damage to their data. However,

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28 Dec 2020

SolarWinds Hackers “Impacting” State and Local Governments

The Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA) recently issued a warning regarding the impact of the recent SolarWinds Orion software government espionage campaign likely conducted by Russia. The hack consisted of Russian nation-state hackers compromising SolarWinds’s popular Orion software supply chain, effectively installing a backdoor into hundreds of high profile

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21 Dec 2020

How the Russian hacking group Cozy Bear, suspected in the SolarWinds breach, plays the long game

The SolarWinds breach has thrown US government agencies and thousands of companies into a frenzy, trying to determine which agencies were hacked and what information was accessed. The culprit may have been one of the most high-profile and persistent hacking groups, the Russian government-backed APT29 referred to as Cozy Bear.

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18 Dec 2020

Microsoft says it found malicious software in its systems

Yesterday, Microsoft announced that it had also been targeted by the SolarWinds espionage campaign after uncovering malware within its systems. The tech giant uses the networking management software Orion found to be the source of the attack impacting a half dozen federal agencies so far. Microsoft’s own products may have

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18 Dec 2020

Nuclear Weapons Agency Hacked in Widening Cyberattack

According to Politico, official Department of Energy sources confirmed that the Energy Department and its National Nuclear Security Administration (NNSA) were compromised as part of the SolarWinds espionage campaign. The NNSA is responsible for maintaining the US nuclear stockpile. The Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) has oversight for the entire

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17 Dec 2020

FireEye Identifies Killswitch for SolarWinds Malware as Victims Scramble to Respond

FireEye, the company that exposed the SolarWinds intrusion, has now announced that it has identified a killswitch that would halt the malware’s operation on infected networks. The White House National Security Council has already created a unified group to coordinate responses across victims and collaborate on solutions. However, the killswitch

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15 Dec 2020

U.S. Homeland Security, thousands of businesses scramble after suspected Russian hack

The US Department of Homeland Security is currently investigating a Russian state-sponsored espionage campaign that allowed the Russian intelligence force to monitor sensitive government information. Businesses have been scrambling to mitigate the risks posed by the sweeping hacks. Email communication at the DHS was under surveillance by Russia for an

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14 Dec 2020

Suspected Russian hackers spied on U.S. Treasury emails

According to sources at the White House, the National Security Council met on Saturday to discuss a recent hack affecting US agencies and likely perpetrated by Russia. US officials have offered little further information besides confirming that there was a breach within the Commerce Department that is being investigated by

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