10 Jun 2022

The Future of Automation and The Recent Industrial Robot Sales Surge

Automation, as a subject for OODA Loop research and analysis, cuts a broad swath across many industry verticals.  As we attempt to further scope our coverage, specific areas of interest have emerged that we thought would be of interest to the OODA Loop membership: Security Automation; Automation and the Workforce; Automation – or Augmentation – of the workforce; Autonomous Vehicles as Automation; Automation of AI/Machine Learning Training Models; Automation Case Studies; and Industry Standardization. Please reach out to us if there are any industry sectors, government agencies, robotics sub-disciplines, or robotics subsectors you would like us to explore in our research and analysis. We now turn to a recent WSJ article on a significant increase in robot sales in 2021, which continues in earnest in 2022.  

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