07 Sep 2018

Don’t @ me, bro: the need for social media on the battlefield

U.S. Army engineers are arguing that Facebook and Twitter could be leveraged for use on the front lines of battle, providing valuable information on the “pulse of the population.” “You want to understand the people that are being affected, the mood of the civilian population and the impact our operations

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05 Sep 2018

Egypt’s Sisi intensifies control over cybersphere

Egypt has increased the policing of cyberspace through a new law ratified over the weekend that permits prosecution for a umber of new “vaguely-defined” offenses. The new law only applies to users to 5,000 or more followers and subjects them to liability and censorship for sharing “fake news,” incitement of

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05 Sep 2018

SEC Wants to Keep Tabs on Social Media Posts That Could Move Markets

The Securities and Exchange Commission has announced its solicitation of a commercial monitoring tool (for under $27.5 million) to enable it to track posts that could have impacts on financial markets. Such a tool would flag posts for review by the relevant SEC staff. One recent example of social media’s

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07 Aug 2018

Twitter botnets are becoming more sophisticated

“Twitter bots are becoming more sophisticated, at the same time that Trump administration officials are warning of an ongoing Russian disinformation campaign fueled by automated social media accounts. A wave of Twitter accounts are spoofing celebrity profiles, engaging in fraud and using verified profiles that have been hacked, according to

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01 Aug 2018

Facebook finds new ‘sophisticated’ efforts to disrupt elections

Facebook announced the discovery of “sophisticated” efforts to influence U.S. politics and elections on both its Facebook and Instagram platforms. The company deleted 32 of the connected accounts, which boasted around 300,000 followers. While Facebook did not specify whether or not Russia was behind the efforts, one top Democrat on

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31 Jul 2018

Satellite Imagery + Social Media = A New Way to Spot Emerging Nuclear Threats

Researchers from NC State University, funded in part by the U.S. Department of Energy’s National Nuclear Security Administration, are combining satellite and social media data to develop new ways to confirm satellite data using geotagged social media posts and visa versa. Its applicability will be limited, however, in countries with

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13 Jul 2018

German court rules that digital content is inheritable

The highest court in Germany has ruled that digital content like Facebook messages is inheritable in the same category as physical letters, book, or diaries. During the legal battle, Facebook had refused to give two parents access to their daughter’s private messages, citing personal privacy, after she was killed by

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11 Jul 2018

Half of accounts posting Pakistan election hashtags are “probably bots”

Two months ahead of election time, new transparency measures by Facebook and Twitter have suggested that large amounts of bots are being used to amplify messages, spread misinformation, create artificial consensus, or influence voter turnout. A recent analysis found that 52% of accounts using #PMLN hashtags and 46% of accounts

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10 Jul 2018

Vietnam activists switching from Facebook to “Minds” after government crackdown on free speech

A new law in Vietnam would, starting January 1st, require internet companies to remove content critical of the government and provide data to the government upon request. In response to the legislation and ongoing complaints of content removal on Facebook, over 100,000 activists and social media users in the country

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19 Jun 2018

Maldives: Social media is ‘threat to national security’

The Defense Minister of the Maldives has named social media as a national security threat for its “most prominent role” in the aggravation of social issues involving extremism. The government has pledged to eliminate extremist content, a pledge just after a US travel advisory warning against terror risks in the

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