13 Sep 2021

Singapore moots ‘foreign interference’ law with powers to issue online platforms take-down order

Singapore has delayed new laws that would arm the government with the ability to issue directives to different platforms, such as social media sites. The government would also obtain the power to block or remove any content deemed to be a part of hostile information campaigns. The proposed bill was

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10 Sep 2021

Cyber-criminal Targets Dadsnet Founders

A hacker who refers to himself as the King is demanding more than $40,000 to return control of a social media account belonging to Al and Jen Ferguson, the founders of Dadsnet. The British couple has shared details of their lives with tens of thousands of followers on Instagram, founding

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18 Aug 2021

Mozilla, MacArthur and Ford foundations unite to oppose Facebook ban on NYU disinformation research

Earlier this week, multiple high profile foundations including Mozilla, MacArthur, and Ford foundations joined forces to criticize Facebook for disabling the accounts of New York University researchers who were conducting an investigation into disinformation on the platform. Other organizations included in the criticism are the NetGain Partnership and the Omidyar

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18 Aug 2021

Twitter to allow users in US, South Korea, and Australia to report misleading tweets

On Wednesday, Twitter announced that it will begin a test trial of a new feature that would allow users in the United States, South Korea, and Australia to report misleading tweets that may be spreading misinformation. The option will appear to users after clicking the button to report the tweet.

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14 Jun 2021

Chinese Trolls Show That Information Can’t Be Stopped, Nor Should It Be

Beijing has been engaged in a battle for public opinion for several years, aggressively promoting a positive vision of China to counter criticisms for its involvement in human rights violations, intellectual property theft, currency manipulation, its engagement with Taiwan and the South China Sea disputes, and its suspected involvement in the COVID-19 outbreak.  In 2017, senior Party leaders acknowledged that “the main battlefield for public opinion” occurs on the extensive borderless Internet where people receive their news, express their thoughts, and promote and argue their political and ideological viewpoints.  Beijing understands how the Internet is essential in disseminating China-friendly narratives, while at the same time deflecting criticisms and reassigning blame.  In essence, it is how Beijing seeks to preserve its image while tarnishing those of others.

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21 May 2021

Twitter drops automated image-cropping tool after determining it was biased

This week, Twitter admitted that an algorithm responsible for the platform’s automatic photo cropping feature was biased. Twitter has since removed the feature from its platform. The social media company released a blog post on Wednesday, stating that it had analyzed the artificial intelligence algorithm that crops images before they

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16 Mar 2021

Facebook to pay News Corp for content in Australia

Following the passing of controversial legislation in Australia that aims to make tech platforms pay for news content, Facebook has agreed to pay Rupert Murdoch’s News Corp Australia. News Corp has not disclosed the value of the three-year contract in Australia. The organization also secured a global deal with Google

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04 Mar 2021

Twitter and Twitch added to list of those concerned with Australia’s Online Safety Bill

Social media platform Twitter and live streaming service Twitch have joined a list of service providers, researchers, and other related organizations who are concerned over Australia’s processing Online Safety Bill. The Bill contains six priority areas that include a cyberbullying and abuse program to remove harmful material, a program to

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24 Feb 2021

Facebook Hashtag Purge Fails To Stop Covid-19 Conspiracy Theories Spreading

Facebook has pledged to use artificial technology and human moderators in order to crack down on harmful hashtags related to misinformation campaigns perpetrated by the likes of conspiracy groups such as QAnon. However, Facebook has been struggling to actually implement this policy. Facebook allegedly had to block a hashtag from

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21 Jan 2021

Parler Finds a Reprieve in Russia—but Not a Solution

After the Capitol riots on January 6, a large number of leading tech companies decided to pull support for Parler, a social network that aims to provide free speech and communication. Parler was the preferred social media for many far-right conservatives, as the site was more relaxed in terms of

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