24 Feb 2021

Facebook Hashtag Purge Fails To Stop Covid-19 Conspiracy Theories Spreading

Facebook has pledged to use artificial technology and human moderators in order to crack down on harmful hashtags related to misinformation campaigns perpetrated by the likes of conspiracy groups such as QAnon. However, Facebook has been struggling to actually implement this policy. Facebook allegedly had to block a hashtag from

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21 Jan 2021

Parler Finds a Reprieve in Russia—but Not a Solution

After the Capitol riots on January 6, a large number of leading tech companies decided to pull support for Parler, a social network that aims to provide free speech and communication. Parler was the preferred social media for many far-right conservatives, as the site was more relaxed in terms of

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15 Jan 2021

Mexican president mounts campaign against social media bans

On Thursday, Mexico’s president vowed to lead an international effort to combat social media companies that have blocked or suspended the accounts belonging to U.S. President Donal Trump. President Andrés Manuel López Obrador considered the move to block President Trump censorship, and moved to create a common front among international

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13 Jan 2021

Uganda orders all social media to be blocked – letter

Internet service providers were ordered to block all social media platforms and messaging apps on Tuesday in Uganda. This order was issued through the country’s communications regulator in a letter and is in effect until further notice. Facebook and WhatsApp are among the social media platforms that are unable to

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12 Jan 2021

Millions of Social Profiles Leaked by Chinese Data-Scrapers

SocialArks exposed 318 million records from Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn in a misconfig of the cloud. Details for social-media influencers and celebrities from the U.S were among the public and personal profile data exposed. An ElasticSearch database owned by a Chinese social-media company, SocialArks, was misconfigured leading to the leak.

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11 Jan 2021

Facebook and Google Earth help probe eco-crimes in the Middle East

Conflict and corruption in the Middle East have a large impact on the environment, although it is difficult to record and punish these crimes. Some crimes include makeshift oil refineries in Syria and the destruction of agriculture or poaching of rare wildlife in Yemen. Open-source intelligence, or information that is

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07 Jan 2021

Trump blocked by Twitter and Facebook

Social media platforms Twitter and Facebook temporarily banned US President Donald Trump from their platforms for roughly 12 hours beginning yesterday evening due to violations of their Civic Integrity policy. Twitter has been cracking down on the spread of fake news since earlier this year, in preparation for the 2020

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30 Dec 2020

Misconfigured AWS Bucket Exposes Hundreds of Social Influencers

According to vpnMentor, a misconfigured amazon web services bucket has exposed the personal details of hundreds of social media influencers. This puts them at risk for fraud, harassment, and other safety threats. The AWS S3 bucket was left wide open with no encryption or password protection. VpnMentor found the site

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18 Dec 2020

3M Users Targeted by Malicious Facebook, Insta Browser Add-Ons

Avast Threat Intelligence has identified malware hidden in twenty-eight popular Google Chrome and Microsoft Edge extensions. The extensions are all used for social media sites such as Facebook, Instagram, and Vimeo. Security researchers advise users to uninstall the extensions, which boast 3 million downloads in total. The most popular extensions

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24 Nov 2020

TikTok Awards Nearly $4,000 for Account Takeover Vulnerabilities

TikTok has awarded a researcher $4,000 for uncovering and reporting vulnerabilities that could have been exploited to perform account takeover. The bugs were found by Muhammed Taskiran, a German cybersecurity researcher. Taskiran reported the flaws in August, and they have since been patched by the social media platform. Taskiran states

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