27 Jan 2020

New Social Engineering Event to Train Business Pros on Human Hacking

Chris Hadnagy, the founder and chief human hacker for the firm behind the Social Engineering Capture the Flag contest at DEF CON, has announced that he is launching the first social engineering event geared towards professionals in the business, technology, security, and psychology industries. Hadnagy stated that the Human Hacking

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14 Aug 2019

Link between personality type and vulnerabilities to cybercrime

A new ESET report shows that just 42% of organizations provide training on compliance issues as part of their cybersecurity strategy, even though such training is vital for ensuring that user data is securely collected, processed and stored. Moreover, 63% of companies still mostly rely on passwords for securing data.

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10 Jun 2019

The Minefield of Corporate Email

Even though the concept of spam is about 40 years old and phishing campaigns have been around for over 30 years, email-based attacks remain a massive problem for corporations and individual users alike, a new Cisco report shows. One of the reasons that email attacks are still so common and

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03 Jun 2019

Wave of SIM swapping attacks hit US cryptocurrency users

A massive SIM swapping campaign has hit numerous members of the US cryptocurrency community over the past week. The aim of a SIM swapping attack is for the threat actor to get the phone number of a victim assigned to a SIM card they control. The criminal can subsequently use

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18 Dec 2018

How Instagram Became the Russian IRA’s Go-To Social Network

“For Russian misinformation mongers, 2017 was the year of Instagram. As Facebook and Twitter cracked down on foreign influence campaigns amid media scrutiny, the Kremlin’s Internet Research Agency (IRA) found unprecedented success in shifting its disinformation efforts to the photo-sharing app, according to a new report commissioned by the Senate

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01 Feb 2015

UK CERT Introduction to Social Engineering

Social engineering is one of the most prolific and effective means of gaining access to secure systems and obtaining sensitive information, yet requires minimal technical knowledge. Attacks vary from bulk phishing emails with little sophistication through to highly targeted, multi-layered attacks which use a range of social engineering techniques. Social

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