20 Dec 2018

Open Scientific Collaboration May Be Helping North Korea Cheat Nuclear Sanctions

“For years, the world has imposed strict sanctions on North Korea in an attempt to stop its development of nuclear weapons. Officials from nations across the globe have seized shipments of raw materials, shut down shell companies and interdicted ships smuggling equipment. But despite these efforts, last year North Korea

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27 Nov 2018

Croatian Police Arrest Weapon Smugglers Importing American Weapons Purchased Online

A five-person Croatian gang is being charged with weapons smuggling after the group was discovered to be shipping large quantities of weapons parts ordered online from the USA to be assembled and sold on the black market in Croatia. The criminal ring relied on a local customs official who helped

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18 Oct 2018

Oil’s Most Dangerous Black Markets

“Much production is in volatile regions, and it comes as little surprise that production and trade in crude oil and refined petroleum products have produced a flourishing illicit market that presents socioeconomic, geopolitical, and environmental challenges, including deterioration of the rule of law. Oil is still the world’s leading energy

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