01 Jun 2022

Taking The Next Step In Digital Transformation: Modernizing Cybersecurity

Amid a rapidly evolving cyber threat landscape, an increasingly distributed workforce and growing reliance on the cloud, cybersecurity teams are struggling to monitor and protect far-flung architectures. Current security infrastructures result in too many false positives, leading to “analysis paralysis.” A shortage of cybersecurity professionals further compounds the problem. To

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31 May 2022

Study Warns That Shadow Code on External JavaScript Libraries Pose a Serious Supply Chain Risk

Israeli cybersecurity firm Source Defense analyzed the supply chain risk posed by shadow code on third- and fourth-party scripts on major businesses’ websites. Third-party scripts and open source JavaScript libraries assist development teams in adding advanced functionality to web applications without writing or maintaining code. They allow developers to improve user interaction,

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31 May 2022

Cyber Defense Confidence Ebbs as Ransomware Attacks Multiply

Despite Washington’s recent attempts to expand cybersecurity rules and disrupt hacking gangs, ransomware continues to proliferate and executives report unease about their companies’ ability to ward off the threat. The number of ransomware attacks against U.S. businesses has continued to increase this year, cybersecurity experts say, while some lawmakers warn the

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27 May 2022

What Leaders Need To Know About Blockchain

If you’re anywhere near the tech or financial space, you’ve likely been hearing terms like DeFi, blockchain, and smart contracts more and more frequently. Ever since cryptocurrencies and other decentralized technologies came on the scene, they’ve been the subject of much speculation and debate among engineers and business leaders. Some tech

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10 May 2022

NIST updates guidance for cybersecurity supply chain risk management

The National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) has updated its guidance document for helping organizations identify, assess and respond to cybersecurity risks throughout the supply chain. “[Cybersecurity Supply Chain Risk Management Practices for Systems and Organizations (C-SCRM)] encourages organizations to consider the vulnerabilities not only of a finished product they

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29 Apr 2022

Remote Work Is On The Rise: Is Your Cybersecurity Plan Ready?

The pandemic accelerated a trend we already saw in the workplace: the rise of remote work and the need for work-from-anywhere policies. The increased flexibility has been great for many workers, but it’s also hastened the need for advancements in cybersecurity. According to the results of a 2021 IBM study, the

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27 Apr 2022

Tearing Up The Rulebook: Blockchain And Crypto Adoption Risks

There is no doubt that the history of blockchain and cryptocurrencies has been checkered, as major events, such as the 2013 shutdown of Silk Road, 2014’s Mt. Gox closure, the 2017 disappearance of Ruja Ignatova and the 2020 Telegram ICO fine and SEC settlement, have shown. The birth of the

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18 Apr 2022

Surprising cybersecurity weak points business owners should look out for

Cybersecurity has taken on new levels of importance facing redoubled cyber attacks. The post-pandemic digital landscape is fraught with threats. In fact, these attacks peaked in December of 2021 with a slew of Log4j exploits. The popular Java-based logging utility is only one surprising cybersecurity weak point that business owners

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28 Mar 2022

In charts: Cyber security risks and companies’ readiness

Cybersecurity concerns could once be written off as the preserve of large companies. But, in today’s networked world — where many are still partly working remotely as a result of the pandemic, and Russia’s invasion of Ukraine is raising cyber warfare threats — that era is long gone. According to

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25 Mar 2022

Senate releases report looking at Russia’s ransomware attacks, attempts on U.S. businesses

America’s Data Held Hostage is the name of the just-released report by the U.S. Senate’s Committee on Homeland Security. The report provides a profile of three anonymous companies of varying sizes that were all attacked by the Russia-based ransomware group REvil and the experiences of those companies during the incident

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