13 Apr 2021

Billions of smartphone owners will soon be authorising payments using facial recognition

A new analysis conducted by Juniper Research found that in the next few years, billions of users will regularly use facial recognition technology to make payments through their devices. Smartphone users already have the capability to use facial recognition to unlock their screens or log into certain applications, however, the

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09 Apr 2020

‘Fake Fingerprints’ Bypass Scanners with 3D Printing

New research from Cisco Talos has shown that 3D printed technology can bypass fingerprint scanners used in Apple, Samsung, and Microsoft products. 3D technology can create “fake fingerprints” that can bypass popular scanners, however, it remains costly and time-consuming to produce. Researchers tested the models on mobile phones including the

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07 Jan 2020

Facial recognition hardware to reach over 800 million devices by 2024

Juniper Research recently published a report that found that facial recognition hardware will be the fastest evolving and growing industry in terms of smartphone biometric hardware. Juniper Research concluded that it will reach over 800 million in 2024 compared to an estimated 96 million users in 2019. The report stated

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