13 Jan 2022

Supply Chain Strain Breeds Innovation: 2022 Predictions

2021 — on the heels of such a momentous prior year — has yielded global conditions that strike a fever pitch in tone. The storylines that continue to weave and unfold include a cast of dominant characters: Covid-19, the climate change crisis, remote work, TikTok algorithms, ESG (environmental, social and

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03 Jan 2022

The evolution of blockchain, smart contracts & its role in data distribution

As we reflect on 2021 and how early adopters of enterprise blockchain technology have benefited from the efficiencies generated by novel technologies, we feel optimistic about the future of the blockchain industry, particularly within capital markets and financial services. It’s becoming increasingly clear that blockchain can significantly reduce risk in a

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28 Dec 2021

Smart Contracts – Recognising and Addressing the Risks

Smart contracts, where some or all of the contractual obligations are defined in and/or performed automatically by a computer program, are expected to have a significant impact on the way business is done. Whilst already being deployed for relatively straightforward transactions, such as facilitating transfers on cryptocurrency exchanges, with the

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17 Dec 2021

DeFi Series: What Is a Smart Contract?

Bitcoin may be the largest and best-known cryptocurrency, but other than it — and few other pure cash-replacements coins like litecoin, and stablecoins like tether and USD coin — every token runs on a blockchain that can properly be called a smart contract platform. Smart contracts are the building blocks of

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16 Dec 2021

Blockchain ‘key to supply transparency’ – mining giant BHP

Leading global resources company BHP says it has proved Blockchain technology can ease concerns about sustainability and human-rights transgressions in the supply chain. Australia-based mining and metals giant BHP has been piloting Blockchain as a way to maintain high ESG (Environmental, Social and Governance) standards across its supply chains. The company

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08 Dec 2021

Blockchain in Supply Chain: A Transparent Prospect for Products

Blockchain is the digital record-keeping technology behind cryptocurrency networks like Bitcoin and Etherium. It has become a potential game-changer for financial services and other industrial areas, including healthcare, automotive, government, insurance, retail & consumer goods, manufacturing, supply chain, and so on. And today, we will have a look at the

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30 Nov 2021

Blockchain to Ease Logjams as Supply Chains Ditch Paper for Digital

The Covid-19 pandemic is speeding up a technological transformation of global trade as supply chains play catchup in shifting from paper to digital transactions. That’s an emerging industry view as the ongoing disruptions force manufacturers, ship operators and importers to accelerate their investments in technology to smooth out kinks, reduce delays

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23 Nov 2021

Who is leading the Global Blockchain Patent Race?

Bitcoin has regained popularity as a result of its recent resurgence, but other blockchain applications have been quietly developing. Some of them have the potential to make a significant impact on people’s lives. Blockchain technology opens up new channels for the safe distribution of digital information and has the potential

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22 Nov 2021

Introducing Blockchain: Six Limitations For Enterprises To Remember

A “trustless” network. Many people perceive blockchain as this. However, it doesn’t assume that involved business parties don’t trust each other. They don’t have to mainly because of enhanced security and traceability. This is probably one of the reasons why companies’ investment in it is increasing rapidly. According to Statista, by

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15 Nov 2021

Demystifying Blockchain-Supported Smart Contracts

Highly capable connected technology has emerged in recent years and is on track to disrupt the traditional pharmaceutical industry. A smart contract is a tool that automatically executes the agreed-upon terms, while simultaneously facilitating business and decreasing risk. Promising increased accuracy, transparency, and security, smart contracts and blockchain technology are

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