20 Jun 2022

Opportunities for Advantage: Mobilizing Innovation through the DHS Science and Technology Directorate

This review of the Department of Homeland Security, Science and Technology (S&T) Impact Series falls into two OODA Loop editorial and curation thematics:  Opportunities for Advantage and Innovation (Design Frameworks and Methodologies). Produced and archived over the course of 2021, the DHS S&T Impact series explores opportunities for advantage through an ongoing discussion within DHS on the definition of and framework for innovation within the agency (and private sector and interagency collaboration):   The DHS S&T Impact Series is a web and video series that “delves into the core homeland security mission areas and highlights how the Science and Technology Directorate (S&T) is helping agents, officers, first responders and decision-makers with some of their toughest challenges.”

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23 Jan 2021

Mitigating The Smart Cities Cybersecurity Challenge

Smart Cities will become a full-scale cyber war battleground unless Congress mandates cybersecurity.

The biggest danger in Smart Cities is the assumption that IoT sensors communicating over a 5G fabric to Machine Learning and Blockchain systems will be safe from cyberattacks. To the contrary Smart Cities suffer from all the cyber vulnerabilities we have today (like phishing password attacks, server exploitation and self-propagating malware) plus a new generation of attack vectors due to the hyper-connected state of everything.

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13 Aug 2018

The Sensors That Power Smart Cities Are a Hacker’s Dream

“Smart” cities are built on a foundation of sensors that regulate traffic lights, radiation sensors, and water levels. These sensors allow for data aggregation and powerful analysis to improve operations, but also pose a high risk of manipulation. These targets are also the focus of many nation state attackers, with

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