01 Mar 2019

The Security Clearance Process Is About to Get Its Biggest Overhaul in 50 Years

The US federal government will soon release Trusted Workforce 2.0, which represents a major overhaul of the security clearance process that in its current state has lead to long delays, thereby undermining the ability of federal agencies to hire IT talent. The new clearance framework is the product of a cooperative

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27 Feb 2019

Security Clearance Delays Are Hurting the Pentagon’s Tech Workforce

The US Department of Defense (DoD) is having a tough time overcoming the IT talent gap. On Tuesday, DoD officials informed the US Congress that one of the problems their department faces, is that it can sometimes take almost a year to obtain a security clearance for a potential IT

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14 Feb 2019

U.S. Senators Announce Federal Cybersecurity Workforce Bills

U.S. senators recently introduced two bipartisan bills intended to make it easier for government agencies to overcome the cybersecurity skills gap and prevent an increase of unfilled jobs. Last week, two Republican and two Democratic Senators reintroduced the Federal Rotational Cyber Workforce Program Act, which outlines the development of a program

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