19 Feb 2019

China Plans to Turn Hong Kong and Macau Into a Silicon Valley Rival

China seems to have added yet another dimension in the US-China battle for tech dominance by presenting a plan to create a global innovation hub to rival Silicon Valley. According to the plan, Hong Kong and Macau will be connected to Shenzhen and Guangzhou, two cities in southern China, in order

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14 Dec 2018

The Growing Gulf Between Silicon Valley and Washington: A National Security Issue

The gap between Silicon Valley’s tech giants and Washington, especially the Defense Department and the Intelligence Community, is a national security issue, according to a recent opinion piece in The Atlantic. While decisions on tough foreign policy actions against actors like China and Russia have become increasingly bipartisan, tech giants

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06 Jul 2018

Why Can’t Europe Create Tech Giants Like the U.S. and China?

In a region with a comparable economy to the U.S. and with some of the best pools of mathematicians, computer scientists, and software developers in the world, one might expect a European tech giant similar to the likes of America’s Facebook, Amazon, or Google or China’s Alibaba. The most significant

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29 Jun 2018

Silicon Valley could be next battlefield in US trade war

Over 20 venture capital firms in Silicon Valley have close ties to entities either owned or funded by the Chinese government. With the ongoing focus on intellectual property, high-tech research, and China’s efforts to gain U.S. technologies, it is likely that their embedded presence in Silicon Valley will also come

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