11 May 2021

School Shooting in Russia Leaves at Least 8 Dead, Including Children

At least eight people have died, seven of whom children, after a gunman opened fire at a school in the Russian city of Kazan. At least 20 people were injured and transported to the hospital to receive treatment. Kazan is the capital of the largely Muslim republic of Tatarstan located

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04 Mar 2021

Three female journalists killed by gunmen in Afghanistan in latest wave of violence

On Tuesday, three female media workers were killed in the eastern Afghan city of Jalalabad, according to official reports from the Afghani government. This marks the latest incident in a wave of killings that is spreading fear among journalists and professional workers within the country. The three women were recent

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10 Dec 2020

Afghan Journalist Malala Maiwand shot dead along with her driver

Malala Maiwand, a female journalist in eastern Afghanistan, was shot dead on Thursday, allegedly while traveling to work. Maiwand’s tragic death occurred en route to Jalalabad. Her driver, Mohammad Tahir, was also killed when gunmen opened fire on her vehicle. No group has claimed responsibility for the deadly attacks. The

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03 Nov 2020

Vienna Attack Suspect Had Previous Terrorism Conviction

In Vienna, Austria, an attacker carrying an assault rifle, handguns, and a machete opened fire on the public, killing four and injuring over a dozen others. The suspect is known to be Kujtim Fejzulai. Fejzulai was convicted of terrorism charges last year but was reportedly released from prison after serving

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20 Apr 2020

16 killed in shooting rampage, deadliest in Canadian history

In the Canadian province of Nova Scotia, a gunman disguised as a police officer killed 16 people on a rampage that is now the deadliest attack of its kind in the country’s history. On Sunday, officials stated that the suspected shooter was dead after he shot people in their homes

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10 Feb 2020

Thailand mourns victims of country’s deadliest mass shooting

Thailand has begun mourning for the victims of what is now the country’s deadliest mass shooting. The attacker was a soldier who was angry over a financial dispute with his commanding officer, who became his first victim. The attacker then targeted a mall, shooting at people inside and outside the

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