07 Dec 2021

SETL demonstrates 1m transactions a second on blockchain

Blockchain settlement and payment infrastructure provider SETL is claiming a “breakthrough moment” after its Regulated Liability Network (RLN) demonstrated that it can process one million transactions per second (tps). The RLN is a distributed ledger approach first mooted by Citi’s Tony McLaughlin in his paper, The Regulated Internet of Value. In the

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02 Nov 2021

Israeli settlement plans in the West Bank draw condemnation from US, UK, Europe

Dozens of European countries and the US and UK have spoken out about Israel’s new plan to construct thousands of new Israeli housing units in the West Bank. Earlier this week, Israeli Prime Minister Naftali Bennett published immediate tenders for more than 1,300 housing units to be built in the

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11 Aug 2021

UPMC to Pay $2.65M to Settle Data Breach Case

The University of Pittsburgh Medical Center has reached judicial approval on a multi-million-dollar settlement concerning a data breach that occurred almost seven years ago. The settlement consists of UpMC paying a total of $2.65 million to employees whose personal data was stolen by former Federal Emergency Management Agency IT specialist

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15 Jan 2021

Toyota slapped with $180 million fine for violating Clean Air Act

A settlement of $180 million will be paid by Toyota after claims that the company violated the US Clean Air Act for a decade. The lawsuit will be laid to rest in return for the settlement, announced Thursday. Toyota had systematically violated the act, which requires emission-related defects to be

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15 Sep 2020

US reaches $1.5 billion settlement with Daimler over emissions scandal

On Monday, The US DOJ released information regarding a settlement reached with Daimler over an emissions cheating scandal. The agreement between the two entities resulted in Daimler agreeing to pay $1.5 billion in reparations. The deal was proposed between the DoJ, the Environmental Protection Agency, the California Air Resources Board,

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20 May 2020

U.S. Nears Settlement With Sudan Over 1998 Terror Bombings

After extensive negotiations, the Trump administration is reportedly nearing a deal with Sudan to resolve claims over the 1998 bombings of US embassies in Africa perpetrated by terrorist group al Qaeda. These negotiations will help to clear the way to remove Khartoum’s designation as a state sponsor of terrorism, a

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18 Feb 2020

Uber Pays Google $9.7 Million To Settle Legal Beef In Tangled Self-Driving Car Fight

This week, Uber agreed to pay Google nearly $10 million to settle accusations that Uber executives had improperly recruited Google engineers, which resulted in a complex legal fight sparked by Uber’s attempt to keep up with Google’s self-driving car program. The commercial successor to the tech giant’s self-driving car project,

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