07 Feb 2019

Freedom House World Report: Where did Freedom Decline and Advance in 2018?

In total, 68 countries lost points in their democracy score in 2018, according to the annual Freedom House report. These outnumbered the 50 countries that achieved net gains. In total, 86 (44%) out of a total 195 countries received a “Free” rating, while 59 (30%) were rated “Partly Free,” and

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13 Dec 2018

U.S. Diplomat To Press European, Balkan Allies On ‘Russia’s Aggression’

“A senior U.S. diplomat is traveling to Central Europe and the Western Balkans to shore up support against what the State Department calls ‘Russia’s aggression on the region.’ In Bratislava, Sullivan will ‘urge senior Slovak officials to use their upcoming chairpersonship of the OSCE to strengthen the organization’s response to

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31 Aug 2018

Kosovo premier warns border change with Serbia ‘would mean war’

“Kosovo prime minister Ramush Haradinaj has warned that any land swap with Serbia ‘would mean war’ and called on world leaders to swiftly quash an idea that he believes only boosts Russian efforts to destabilise the Balkans. Mr Haradinaj acknowledged that his stance puts him on a collision course with

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22 Aug 2018

Serbia may reintroduce compulsory military service: president

Serbian President Aleksandar Vucic announced that Serbia may reintroduce a compulsory military service of between 3-6 months starting after 2020. Countries across Europe abolished these service programs in the 90s and 00s, but a number of countries, France included, are bringing them back to support a range of political and

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