03 Jun 2021

Pentagon Experiments with Self-Driving Shuttles at San Diego Military Base

The Pentagon has confirmed a cooperative involvement between driverless technology provider Robotic Research, Verizon Public Sector, and the Marine Corps, stating that the trio will collaborate on a pilot project to explore the use of autonomous shuttles at the Marine Corps Air Station in San Diego. Other companies involved in

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24 May 2021

Chinese startup Pony.ai gets approval to test driverless vehicles in California

Pony.ai, a Chinese autonomous vehicle startup, has received a permit from California’s Department of Motor Vehicles that will allow it to test its driverless cars without human safety drivers. The company will be able to complete testing on specified streets in three cities across the state. The company has been

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10 Nov 2020

Walmart To Test Robotic Deliveries With Electric Cruise Self-Driving Vehicles

Walmart is seeking to launch a pilot program in collaboration with General Motors to learn whether robotic deliveries are compatible with its retail operations. The project, named Cruise, is planning to begin operating in 2021, looking to provide customers with self-driving vehicles to deliver groceries and other goods to suburban

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14 Jul 2020

How Autonomous Cars Are Overcoming GPS Signal Loss With Radar

Self-driving vehicles rely heavily on advanced GPS services to navigate through regions, however, many streets’ GPS signals are blocked by tall buildings. This poses a risk to the autonomous cars, as they could lose signals due to obscuration or because radio waves are bouncing around surroundings. The Council on Tall

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10 Jul 2020

Tesla Autopilot ‘Self-Driving’ Possibly Getting More Aggressive In Evasive Maneuvering Which Could Be A Hidden Sign About Level 5

Recently, a news report arose in which a Tesla on Autopilot managed to avoid hitting a deer. However, the car instead performed an aggressive swerve maneuver that could have injured the driver or surrounding cars. Although nobody was injured in this instance, including the deer, the evasive maneuver was reportedly

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04 Jun 2020

Tesla In Taiwan Crashes Directly Into Overturned Truck, Ignores Pedestrian, With Autopilot On

Disturbing video footage from Taiwan shows a Tesla crack in which the vehicle, allegedly in autopilot mode, drives directly into the top of a large truck laying on its side and straddling several lanes of a freeway. The driver involved in the accident claims that the vehicle was in autopilot

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24 Apr 2020

Dangers Await Self-Driving Car Tryouts As Post-Pandemic Roadway Efforts Get Underway

As businesses close due to the COVID-19 pandemic, many parts of the commercial industry and economy have experienced a temporary halt, including self-driving car roadway tests, which had previously been taking place throughout the US. For some companies leading efforts in self-driving car technology, there has been a potential opportunity

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13 Mar 2020

Waymo Steps Up Cleaning, Adds Sanitizer To Keep Coronavirus Out Of Robotic Ride Service

Waymo is a self-driving ride service created by Alphabet Inc., which currently offers its services solely in Arizona. New pandemic, Coronavirus, has forced Waymo to initiate new hygiene actions to ensure that all 1,500 registered riders remain safe. Alphabet Inc. hopes to set the minds of their suburban Phoenix riders

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03 Mar 2020

Waymo Raises $2.25 Billion In First Funding Round With Non-Alphabet Backers

Alphabet’s self-driving car unit, Waymo, announced that it has raised $2.25 billion from investors, including Silicon Valley private equity and venture firms Silver Lake Partners and Andreessen Horowitz. Other investors include the Canada Pension Plan Investment Board and Mubadala Investment, which is based in Abu Dhabi. Waymo is emerging as

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