13 Oct 2020

Split-Second ‘Phantom’ Images Can Fool Tesla’s Autopilot

Although autonomous vehicle safety concerns often arise over what the vehicle’s systems cannot see, new research exposes a potential Tesla vulnerability in which they investigate “phantom” objects that the autopilot feature picks up on that are not really there. Ben Gurion researchers have been carefully documenting and experimenting with how

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27 Aug 2020

Robotaxi Startup Voyage Loads Self-Driving Vans With Coronavirus-Killing Tech

A self-driving startup that caters to the elderly has transformed its autonomous minivans to self-sterilize the vehicle’s interior after each ride through a high-tech ultraviolet lighting system. The company, Voyage, adapted the sterilization technique from ambulances dealing with the COVID-19 pandemic. Voyage’s new technological implementation is being tested in the

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