07 Apr 2022

Disaster Response Applications: Virtual Assistants for Refugees in Czech Republic

In this –  the largest refugee crisis since World War II – innovation and applied technologies will once again have to be solution-based and rapidly deployed.  After all:  radar, cryptography, logistics, and nuclear physics all made definitive contributions to victory in World War II.

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04 Mar 2022

Russia-Ukraine crisis replaces Covid as top risk to global supply chains, Moody’s says

Covid-19 drove global supply chains to the breaking point, causing shortages and sending prices skyrocketing. Just as the pandemic has calmed down, Russia’s invasion of Ukraine threatens to further scramble those fragile supply chains. Russia is a major producer of commodities, everything from oil and natural gas to palladium and wheat.

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22 Sep 2021

Disaster Response Applications: New Lessons From The Fall of Kabul and Severe Weather Events

We are entering an era when on-the-ground conditions and real-time disaster-level information flows grow in their value in the aftermath of more frequent and mounting disaster conditions.

Is there a wave of democratization of access to tools and/or product commercialization ahead in this space? For now, the following are some current signals and use cases from recent events.

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10 Nov 2020

Zoom Settles with FTC After Charges it Misled Customers

The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) announced that it had reached a settlement with web conferencing company Zoom after the FTC alleged that Zoom misled its users by offering a false sense of security whereas they practice poor security measures. One of the features in question was the security issues in

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