17 Jan 2019

Work on Security Clearance Backlog Continues Through Shutdown

The Office of Personnel Management (OPM) bureau responsible for issuing security clearances has not been impacted by the government shutdown as they work to reduce the major backlog of background investigations numbering 600,000 at the end of 2018, down from a high of 725,000 in April. Officials have stated that

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13 Dec 2018

Pentagon to Take Over All Security Clearances in Nine Months, Officials Say

“The Defense Department and Office of Personnel Management expect to have merged two offices and moved 2,000 federal employees and a 600,000-case backlog of security clearance investigations nine months from now. The new office will be established under the Defense Security Service by Oct. 1, Director for Defense Intelligence Garry

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31 Oct 2018

By Spring, US Government Aims to Halve 600,000 Security Clearance Backlog

When somebody holds the same job for 30 years before applying for a security clearance, the government agents working on their security clearance verification will likely require a significantly shorter time than somebody agents working on a case for an individual who has worked for a long list of companies.

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08 Aug 2018

Pending Executive Order to Move Entire Background Investigation Bureau to Pentagon

“The government’s head of background investigations is fully in favor of moving his office, staff and workload under the Defense Department, a shift that is expected to become official under an impending presidential executive order. Congress passed legislation last year requiring the National Background Investigations Bureau—part of the Office of

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10 Jul 2018

The Pentagon Wants to Automate Some Classification Decisions

“The Pentagon is in the market for an automated tool that can help determine what level documents should be classified at and who should be able to access them, according to contracting documents. The system should also be able to automatically redact information from a document when the document is

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04 Jun 2018

Citing backlog and systematic flaws, Pentagon to take over security clearance checks

The DoD is preparing to over background checks for the federal government. The change seeks to improve integration of automation and other high-tech options to reduce backlog and systems flaws that currently plague the process, where a backlog of roughly 700,000 people has caused severe delays and reduced the frequency

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